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  1. Yep! Per http://php.net/manual/en/fileinfo.installation.php (I assume you're using Windows.)
  2. Cool! This is why I always recommend to start by confirming the session ID to ensure it's not changing. That's the #1 cause of session problems in my experience. Glad it's working!
  3. Ah, that totally makes sense! Because the subdomain was changing (from www. example.com to example.com), the session cookie wasn't available. This means a new session would be started each time and you'd lose access to the previously stored data.
  4. Sorry you didn't resolve the mysterious cause but I'm glad you figured it out and thanks for letting us know!
  5. Okay, so, first, $_SESSION and $GLOBALS aren't passed from script to script. They always exist and are read from the environment. But I'm not sure why you're using $GLOBALS at all. I don't think I've ever used that. Why aren't you setting values in the $_SESSION array like normal?
  6. In a situation like this, I'd start by verifying the session ID, which will tell you whether a new session is being started or not.
  7. Hmmm...could you explain in more detail what you're seeing (i.e., what's not happening that should or what is happening that shouldn't)? The most details the better!
  8. Where on your file system is your mysql_connect.php script? Also, please please please stop using all caps.
  9. Kudos for figuring it out and thanks for sharing the solution!
  10. Yeah, that would seem to be the case. You want that message to handle the situation when agent is set, right?
  11. Glad it's working and thanks for letting us know!
  12. According to your logic: if (!isset($_POST['agent']) ) { // Print the results if Agent: echo "<p>Thank you <b>$agent</b> for your request for <b>$guest</b>.</p> <p>We will reply to you at <i>$email</i>.</p>\n"; The conditional checks if agent *is not* set. But the following comment suggests the message is printed if there is an agent. One of these two seems to be wrong.
  13. This is just a simple matter of your path to the file being included is incorrect. The code you're using expects mysql_connect.php to be one folder up from register.php.
  14. SSL does put additional loads on the server, but due to improvements in servers and browsers in recent years, it's not significant. I see numbers as low as a 1-2% additional load for SSL.