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Adding "Subject" Field To Php Form In Chapter 10 W/Spam Protection

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I have completed and tested the basic PHP form that is detailed in Chapter 10 and I have also edited the form with the spam settings as shown in Chapter 12. I have tested

it and it's works fine with no issues etc. My only problem is that I ideally need a "subject" field within the form.


I am unsure of how I would go about adding this field along with the appropriate spam protection.


Any help would be appreciated.

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I'd start off by adding another input field to your email form. I imagine you will want to use a text input element for the subject.


On the PHP side, you will then want to scrub the data entered into the subject field by the user. I imagine that you can perform the same tests on the subject field as you already have for any other text fields (i.e., make sure no email-specific key phrases have been entered or JavaScript has been inserted, etc.).

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