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I Started Chapter 6 And I Would Like To Send Emails From My Xampp Localhost Server.

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I've searched youtube without much luck on this subject. What I would like to do is create a form, and send that form data to my gmail account, or my other email account I use with AT&T. I would like to do this so I can practice sending and receiving data from my practice forms we create in our book.


Here's some information about my XAMPP version, and where Xampp is stored. 

XAMPP Version: 7.1.10

XAMPP Control Panel Version: V3.2.2


Windows version:

64 bit, Windows 10 


 And Xampp is installed on my C drive.


Thank you, for any help.



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Hi, I figured out how to test my email. I'm using Papercut from github, and it just catches the email I send, and I can look at it to see if everything looks okay.   :D

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