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Hello Mr.Larry Ullman,


I would appreciate of you. I suggested your books to many of my friends.

I hope you keep writing new books and release them. I know may this ask is not related to the topic but PHP is not Satisfactory to create a web page. because as you said PHP is a server-side programming language. And We can not decorate our website in client-side. So there is another language beside the is called Java Script.

Do you have a good resource that we study javascript.



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Can i just interrupt please! I thought you might like to see this, its something we are all waiting for:




I also noticed you had finished the 3rd Edition book, well i just recently received the 4th Edition, and in there is a chapter on jquery, this is a javascript library that have been made for us to use so we don't need to reinvent the wheel.

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my friend you can work both with javascript and php. They have some interesting book out there in this subject. But i suggest to keep with your teacher "Larry Ullman" in order to keep familiar with the codes.

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