Preview Videos for the Northeast PHP Conference

August 7, 2013

The good people behind the Northeast PHP conference (starting next Friday, August 16th!) have recently posted two videos of interviews with conference presenters. And one of them is me.

First, you can watch the clip with Jen Kramer, who is presenting at NEPHP for the second straight year. This year, Ms. Kramer will be doing a talk on responsive web design frameworks and an entire workshop specifically on Twitter Bootstrap 3.

There’s also a long video clip with yours truly. In it I blather on (as I’m prone to do) about:

  • Writing books
  • Being an English major in an IT field
  • Working with clients
  • My three presentations at Northeast PHP

Third, tonight at 7:30 (ET), there’s a live interview being done with Jonathan Klein. Mr. Klein works at Etsy, and will be giving two talks at NEPHP: Practical Responsive Web Design and Scaling PHP to 40 Million Uniques.

I’ve already identified what sessions I plan on attending at the conference, and talks by both Ms. Kramer and Mr. Klein are on my agenda. So watch the videos and if you haven’t bought your ticket to NEPHP, do so now! I’ll look forward to seeing you there!