“Going Big” With a Website

September 4, 2013

I’ve created a three-part series posted as a guest blogger on the site of my hosting company, ServInt. The series is titled “‘Going Big’ With a Website”, and is based upon a series of newsletters I put out a couple of months back. In the series, I attempt to explain how one should navigate the process of having no site, to having a site, to having an active site, should you be so fortunate. The series isn’t so much about the X’s and O’s (e.g., caching, using gzip, Apache vs. nginx, and so forth), as it is about general philosophies you need to consider in order to best use your limited resources (although there are a few specific recommendations in there).

The first post went live last week, and is subtitled “Infrastructure that Scales“. Part 2 is subtitled “Code that Scales“, and just went live on Tuesday, September 3rd. Part 3 looks at the database, and will be posted next week.

Also, for those of you wondering whom I use as my web host, it’s ServInt! I’ve been with them since maybe 2006 and have been extremely happy with their product and their excellent customer service.