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  1. Hello Larry, Yes, i read it and at first i try to install Composer and Elastic but i have a problem with Java' version on my mac. For Composer it's ok, not for Elastic. So i thinking that it will be so important. Now, i understand my problem. i re-read the chap 20. i try again and hope to win the match… Ok it's right, Elastic with Composer is installed. thanks for advice cordialy
  2. De rien babakitien, J'espère que cela résoudra ton problème. Moi, j'ai un interrogation avec l'exemple du CMS ch22 version Yii1. J'ai l'impression qu'il manque des fichiers et dossiers As tu teste cet exemple ? cordialement
  3. hello Babakitien, perhaps your internet's solution http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/index.php/topic/48375-creating-a-drop-down-list/ or http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16036927/get-selected-value-from-chtmldropdownlist best regards
  4. Hello Larry, i work with the version 1 to yii as the version 2 seems to be great. I wait with "impatience" the end of yours version 2's book. There is no dossier "vendor" and "runtime" in example CMS ch22 I try to work on CH 22 of the book with version 1. require_once($yii); $app = Yii::createWebApplication($config); $composer = dirname(__FILE__).'/protected/vendor/autoload.php'; require_once($composer); $app->run(); Ok test and i see that in the browser Error 500 require_once(/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/yiicmsch22/protected/vendor/autoload.php): failed to open stream: No
  5. Hello Larry, I read your book twice. Honestly I do not understand very well. I have already learned from your books, specially the e-commerce. I like the principle of explanation by example. In Yii, you go well in the way of doing your best and understand the subtle mechanisms of this framework. So, I yii installs and works correctly. I followed your chapters and wanted to better understand your example. Now i would like test your example CMS. I am unable to launch the application of Cms version of Chapter 22 of your book. The window is hopelessly empty. I notice in the inde
  6. Yes Larry, sorry this part it's ok. it was an extract only to locate the place. You could see the top of the message LIVE -- Une erreur, An error occurred in script '/home/recettesih/www/category.php' on line 6: Undefined index: category <pre>Array ( [0] => Array ( [file] => /home/recettesih/www/category.php [line] => 6 [function] => my_error_handler_lv [args] => Array ( [0] => 8 [1] => Undefined index: category [2] => /home/recet
  7. Thanks Larry for the advice. cordialy this night(5h28), I received this error. I hope this will be over thanks to your advice. [APP_ENGINE_VERSION] => 5.5 [APP_ENGINE] => php [ENVIRONMENT] => production [UNIQUE_ID] => VJEGeAoAPZgAAAoeccoAAAAu [GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE] => US [GEOIP_COUNTRY_NAME] => United States [GEOIP_REGION] =&g
  8. Hello Larry Maybe my question is about the limit of this forum but can nevertheless interested when the live website send forth errors with the exemple 1, i realized a site recettesoriginales.fr For a better url, i transform http://recettesoriginales.fr/category.php?cat_id=1 as http://recettesoriginales.fr/category.php?category=apéritifs so it's ok But I did a few days after launching the site on the web. Now I regularly get errors caused by robots like this: LIVE -- Une erreur, An error occurred in script '/home/recettesih/www/category.php' on line 6:
  9. Hello rocky66, I use the exemple of this site to develope a recipes sharing site So, i use this "plus" on my site recettesoriginales.fr …if you are a user evidently you can read also this article from Larry on peachpit'site, Creating an Ajax-Enabled Rating System for Your Website http://www.peachpit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=1681764 So thanks Larry for your books. cordialy
  10. Hello, so now this part of reflexion and application is ok. I find all code for the part of Extending the first site, "Placing HTML content in Multiple Category" p.406 . I use Tag for Category. Certainly, some ameliorations are possible, but it's match. All suggestions are welcome. //le code en extraits if( isset($_GET['page_id']) && !$_POST ){ //recuperer les infos $page_id = $_GET['page_id']; //SELECT $q = "SELECT les valeurs FROM pages WHERE page_id=?"; $stmt = mysqli_prepare($dbc, $q); //associe selon mysqli_stmt_bind_param($stmt
  11. Thanks Larry. Now, after the SELECT action, i work on the UPDATE part of the updating's page. Cordialy
  12. Hello, Book "Effortless E-Commerce with PHP and MySQL (2nd Edition)" -- Annexe -- html content multiple cat" of ex1- suite. i find the soluce is in the form checkbox with the in_array function and transform the result of $tag // php/sql query SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(t.tag) AS tag $tagNom = preg_split("/[\,]+/", $tag ); <div class="checkbox form-control"> <label for="tag" class="control-label">Tag</label> <?php $qt="SELECT tag_id, tag FROM tag ORDER BY tag DESC"; $r=mysqli_query($dbc,$qt); while ($rowt=mysqli_fetch_array($r, MYSQLI_ASSOC)) {
  13. hello thanks for an answer. Yes, it's only an application and the developement of "html content multiple cat" of ex 1. For the query SELECT, I can not recover in the Form the registered tag of the bd . Only one appears and is always the last in the list. For select the tag's field, I use "GOUP_CONCAT (tag) and the result is a list of string of tags. ie : végétarien,classique I transformed into array with the function preg_split with a comma: preg_split ("/ [\,] + /", $ tag); I created a foreach and I compare the name for the index recovered for : la value : végétarien
  14. Hello Larry, Hartley, suite of the multiple Category advice, (ps. For me i use a "button checkbox" instead selector and "Tag" for Category) The insert function is ok. i worked on another part of my site and i come back to the author admin. For UPDATE information all is ok but only one field don't match well : "Tag" . Only 1 checkbox is checked on the form and this is the last one. in DB $tag = (végétalien, sans gluten, classique) $tag = explode(',', $tag); foreach ($tag as $tags) { switch ($tags) { case "végétarien": $tag_id = 1; b
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