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  1. Hi Yes...I will check....for now I went with using NSDate and NSDateComponenets of Objective-C for the iOS version of the app....but with the Android version, I'll have to research more about other C++ libraries if I wanna reuse my C++ classes..... Thank you very much
  2. I just tested the above code...it only works properly from 1902 onwards... so now the question is... is there a convenient way for me to be able to determine the day of a particular date before 1902? or do I have to write that class myself? It's gonna be tricky......
  3. Hi I'm wondering about the limitations of ctime and mktime. For example: time_t t; struct tm * timeinfo; string weekday[] = { "Sunday", "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday"}; // get current timeinfo and modify it to user's choice t = time(NULL); timeinfo = localtime(&t); timeinfo->tm_year = local_year - 1900; timeinfo->tm_mon = local_month - 1; timeinfo->tm_mday = local_day; // call mktime: timeinfo->tm_wday will be set mktime(timeinfo); cout << "That day is a " <
  4. Hi Larry, I've figured it out.....the source files in the C Library I am using had not included the corresponding header files with the declaration of the structs. I've added them and it now compiles properly. Thank you for trying to help
  5. Hi Larry, I am using C Programming Language inside Xcode which I'll be mixing with Objective-C eventually, but the example code above that I am asking about is C Programming Language. Thank you very much.....
  6. Hi All, Im trying to solve a problem with C struct. This is the structure of the struct in header file that is 'included': struct plantbl { char max_harmonic[9]; char max_power_of_t; signed char *arg_tbl; double *lon_tbl; double *lat_tbl; double *rad_tbl; double distance; }; To use this struct, the current code is in this format: static struct plantbl FAR mer404 = { { 11, 14, 10, 11, 4, 5, 2, 0, 0,}, 6, merargs, mertabl, mertabb, mertabr, 3.8709830979999998e-01, }; However the above code produces this error: /Users/bliss/Document
  7. Hi everyone, I got the solution now... I just changed this code: mysqli_report(MYSQLI_REPORT_ALL); to mysqli_report(MYSQLI_REPORT_STRICT);
  8. Hi all, I've been playing around with mysqli object oriented query. I have a database called 'records2'. Inside the 'records2' database, I created one table called 'players' and it is of MyISAM type. The 'players' table has 3 fields: id, firstname, lastname. If I only enter one entry, then the mysqli->query() works fine, but if I enter 2 or more entries inside the 'players' table, then suddenly the code below if($result = $mysqli->query("SELECT * FROM players ORDER BY id")) doesn't get called anymore at all. Here is the code I use...as far as I can tell, there is nothing w
  9. Hi HartleySan yeah...I could get the values in the super global in one way....but not in the way I expected...but I just realized that I expected it to have a 0, when it did not.... anyway...yes...thank you very much
  10. Hi Larry, You are right.... I didn't notice that the 0 was being dropped.... I've experimented with it...and it is being stored in the array without the 0.... Thank you very much
  11. Hi Larry and everyone... I was working on a PHP Ecommerce Exercise... Was using $_GET[new] variable through the url e.g. myexample.php?new=1 I found something that seems to be illogical.... if I use myexample.php?new=1 and then work with $_SESSION['cart'][1]....it works perfectly but if I use myexample.php?new=0672319241 , then $_SESSION['cart'][0672319241] doesn't work as it is expected to, despite of it being used the same way as when new=1..... To show you what I mean copy and paste the code below to a file called myexample.php and then load it through myexample.php?new=1
  12. Hi Larry, Thank you for the reply. I actually have tried that even before posting the problem in this forum... However, I really think the switch is not there...I have tried searching the following keywords using the computer's help and ignoring case: 'virtual'; 'virtual directory'; 'virtual directory support', and I don't get any matching hits that describes it as being the switch to enable the Virtual Directory Support. Am I missing something here? I've googled it as well and some people say Virtual Directory Support is enabled through Apache.... I'll copy and paste my php.ini
  13. Hi all, I use MAMP and when I click phpinfo, I see that "Virtual Directory Support" is "disabled". I don't really understand its relevance, really. Is Virtual Directory Support a PHP or Apache issue? and what is it for? I ask because I suspect that this 'may be' the reason why a PHP Program called minishowcase is not working this time. A few months ago, I downloaded "minishowcase" from www.minishowcase.net" and used it as part of a site I was developing. At that time, minishowcase worked perfectly in my MAMP localhost as well as my hosting site. Here is the end result of the sit
  14. Hi Larry, I see what you mean.... I'll just skip this IPN part for now then... Thank you very much
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