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  1. Thank you for this information, Larry. Would this be the URL I need to use in my code? http://finance.yahoo...=snd1l1ohgvwdyr I was able to parse the file name. However, the file seems to download to my hard drive instead of being saved to the server and I get the following message: "The latest value for Missing Symbols List. is $" Here is my script: http://megadutch.com/php/advphptech/chptr9 Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you for your time! -- John.
  2. Larry, It appears that the URL you used in example 9.1 to get stock market quotes is no longer valid. http://quote.yahoo.c....csv?s=%s&f=nl1 Thank you for your time. -- John.
  3. Larry, In Chapter 4 of PHP 5 Advanced you asked us to install PEAR without going into specific detail of how to do it. My host has a plethora of options for installing PEAR and I don't know which to choose. Reading pear.php.net is a litte frustrating, as it seems to digress quite a bit. I was wondering if you may lend a little guidance. Thank you for your time.
  4. Hi Larry, In chapter 3 on page 112, you asked the reader to download MySQL GUI Tools. However, when I bring up the MySQL web site, it appears that MySQL GUI has been updated to MySQL Workbench. When I bring up MySQL Workbench, the interface looks nothing like the instructions you have on page 112 and 113. Perhaps I'm downloading from the wrong URL? Thank you for your time.
  5. I ran your 8.3 script, changing the argument to write to a file from 'fb' to 'Fb' and came up with a server error: http://megadutch.com/php/write_to_file2.php Is this what you intended?
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