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  1. Thanks Larry!! This is what I came up with, for anyone who might be interested. $fp = fopen("../data/bookings.txt", "r"); $search = $_POST['search']; $match = FALSE; while ($details = fgetcsv($fp, 1000, "\t")) { if ($details[0] == $search){ $match = TRUE; break; } } fclose($fp); $code = $details[0]; $hotel = $details[1]; $tour = $details[2]; $day = $details[3]; $month = $details[4]; $year = $details[5]; $persons = $details[6]; $lunch = $deta
  2. Hi, Firstly, I just got the book, was having some troubles in a class I'm taking at uni and this has helped me heaps so far. Thankyou! So what I am trying to acheive, is to be able to read from a .txt file and print info from one line if what was put in the text input form is in that line, if not print an error. So I already have a page that is a form that writes data to a .txt file. It puts each input from the form on the same line, spaced by a tab and then a new form completion will be the same but on a new line. ie. B0001 Medina Great Ocean Road 01 01 2011 2
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