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  1. Sorry, I'm pretty confused and it's been a long day. I've looked through many forums and things trying to get it to work. Thanks for your patience.
  2. Okay, Thank you for replying so quickly. When I first installed MAMP I switched the Apache Port to 80 and the MySQL Port to 3306. I'll try it again... I typed into the URL address line in the browser: http://localhost:80/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/hello.php and it gives me a 404 message. Then I tried: http://localhost:3306/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/hello.php and Firefox is prompting me to open the php file with a different application. I'm not sure what this all means? Can you help? I don't want to just try random things, but I am without a reasonable solution on my own? Thanks.
  3. Hello, Here is my issue, I had Apache, MySQL, and PHP each installed separately on my local Mac and was able to see .php files in Firefox and Safari fine, everything worked. Then, (for some reason) I decided to uninstall MySQL, to turn off file sharing and install the MAMP package instead. Now my .php files do not show up like you would expect them to, instead the php files show all of the html and php code in the browsers. The browsers show the information that you would normally see in a text editor. I'm pretty sure that I'm typing the URL correctly into the browsers (I"ve tried just ab
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