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  1. Thanks! I was leaning that direction. This is just for home server convenience.
  2. Avatar is a carriage horse. So I am behind but up high enough to see across his back. I am a horseman and artist. Have not been programming for long. I will study this. Maybe my problem has been in presenting a correctly formatted array. Array must be two dimensional, correct? Using SPL to get file name and file size. Just my first time using these functions. I have stuck to procedural code to date though i have been reading oop. Knowing it is possible helps a lot!!! Thank you. I will post some code if I get super stuck.
  3. I am writing a little script to read files in a folder (photos) returning an array of file name and file size. Can mysqli handle a prepared statement inserting an array? Would be nice to insert 500 photo names at once rather than typing them all in. Ps.. Not for a public site, just a script i run on a home server to build a site. Tx
  4. Can you have all data in one domain and own say 30 domains that relate then feed each domain different subset of data to build complete different sites? I assume yes. Suggest a book??
  5. Well thank you, I understand. I would like to further understand this books chapter. Maybe then i will better understand your method. Anyone willing to attempt helping me on the books method??
  6. Good gracious! This is way over my head. I am in kindergarten code I guess. I don't see me writing this amount of code to produce pedigrees,.. The depth of these queries is unbelievable! I am just starting with stored procedures. This method is a bit familiar; I think I had come across it before. I am only 18 months self taught in my spare time. Makes the self join loop in Larry's task example look so simple. You have not use recursive functions? You want me to learn this, I think you should make a recursive function!!! In jest,. you must be a genius and it would only take you 10 minu
  7. Hmmm, hartley-how do you auto fill left and right position for tree? This must be entered by hand or an algorithm? I am not very patient am I?
  8. Ok, reading this. Being my experience level I can not argue approach. Right off I am seeing that this returns position (design). I want to be able to produce CSS div tags. Will I be able to with this method? This is mandatory for me. I wish I had 12 hour days to study and learn everything out there but I only get a couple hours/ day. Another important criteria is to produce XML. You must understand if I want to produce information to 100, 800 domains on many servers i have only one method to do this that makes me feel as a business owner will satisfy producing my product. XML data.
  9. I can see entering 100 horses a day easy, maybe more. So the reorder each time a record is added sounds scary.
  10. hmmm, much to digest. I guess I don't understand why I would separate the tables. would I not take chance of duplicate entries for sire/dam? It takes time for me to absorb, so my initial reaction is just confusion. descendants as a word to me means top down, not bottom up. Here is some data. Not that I have entered enough to get really good charts yet. Most is sire => 1 and dam=> 2. I can add more flushed out pedigrees is that helps. Array ( [horse_id] => 1 [horse_name] => Unknown Stallion [sire_id] => 1 [dam_id] => 2 ) Array ( [horse_id] => 2 [horse_name
  11. While getting file, here is a link of an old page. Pedigree does not link, static text probably in a table. http://cloverlone.com/Broadway.htm
  12. Ok Antonio. I will fire up the computer. Give me a minute.
  13. I don't see the connection on that link. The id in my database is not because of position, it is an autoid in a list of maybe thousands of horses. I can see that position will need a number but example has position being the id. First horse queried based on variable sent to form. Then query should retrieve fatherid as an array(id, name, fatherid, motherid), motherid as an array (id, name, fatherid, motherid), etc. trick is in writing a function to shorten long worded query.... It is long. I got to second grandmother and knew was best to abort and get function to do work. Maybe I want a six gen
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