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  1. Hello, I am new to PHP and have never used FLEX so I am considering buying a version of Flash Builder to get things started. I am trying to learn PHP using Dreamweaver cs5 and Mr. Ullmans book " PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites ( 4th edition ). I really want to learn application development for Android phones, and am very confused. I have Adobe design suite, which does not include "Flash Builder". It only comes with the main Flash program. I can upgrade and get Flash Builder included in the package, but it is just the standard "Flash Builder", not the one for PHP. If I want the PHP version, I have to buy it separately anyway. The PHP version comes with an integrated copy of Zend Studio 8 which is way past what I can understand. My real question is the cost is the same, so do I need Flash Builder CS4.5 premium or Flash Builder CS4.5 for PHP Standard edition? I do not really understand what you need or get by buying the Premium versions vs the standard versions or the versions designed for PHP. I hope this question is not to off topic, but I think Flash Builder is a FLEX tool, so hopefully I am in the correct general area. Thank you in advance for any information you care to share.
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