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  1. Hey Jaepee I've been absent for a while too and just had a nosey at your website, very nice! and congrats on the facebook api too. Red.
  2. Hi Larry, Having dipped my toe into the world of Python, I'd have to agree with your last comment regarding PHP-GTK2. Don't get me wrong, i like it (because i'm ok with PHP) but i remember the problems i had when packaging and distributing the end product. I think unless someone specifically asks me for software written in PHP-GTK2 I'm gonna put that one to bed and concentrate on Python. Pete. PS: have you written any books on Python? (or maybe recommend a good author?)
  3. PHP-Gtk2 anyone?? Use your existing knowledge of PHP combined with GTK can create some pretty awesome stuff! The apps i've built in the past have admittedly interacted with the web but I'm sure you can create some really funky stuff if you wanted too. Just a thought..
  4. Thanks for the kind words Edward, and it's all down to Larry's books, without them PHP would not even exist in my vocabulary
  5. The error you keep seeing is hard coded into your script right at the top. This tells me the problem lies with the 'id'. Checklist: are you sending the id to the page? is the id a number? (integer) If you can verify this for me and report back we'll investigate further but i think the answer may lie here.. Hope this helps, Red.
  6. just had a quick scan through your post and i notice you have a semi-colon missing at the end of this line: $comments = $_REQUEST['comments'] it should be: $comments = $_REQUEST['comments']; Hope this helps.
  7. Hi Rob, If your reading Larry's books (i guess you are because your here) you'll pick up php/mysql in no time at all. If i can be of any assistance, please feel free to give me a shout. Pete.
  8. I'll reply.. Here's a little something i created out of sheer boredom really.. http://redscouse.com/blackjack Cheers, Red..
  9. Redscouse


    Hi All My name is Pete (aka Redscouse). I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. (waving). I used to be a member of Larry's old forum when i bought my first php book(yes it was Larrys) and i found myself a frequent visitor with plenty of questions.. I've just been cleaning out my bookmarks and i saw the link to the old forum and stopped by and had a read of my old posts.. looking back, i feel rather silly now, however at the time, they were questions i needed to ask. Things have changed a lot since then and i can 'hold my own' in the php world these days. Thanks Larry, your books were/are so simple to understand, learning was a breeze. To this day if i've forgotten something, first place i look is one of your books. Cheers Pete. P.S. I'm now in a position to be able to help out others around the place, so if no-one minds, i'll try and chip in where i can.
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