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  1. Yes thanks i am very happy you did suggest Yii, it will save a bit of time. I am using Zend Studio 9.01 for my IDE, it works really well with the OOP code, much better than Dreamweaver CS5.5. I have not yet decided on what framework i will go ahead and use i am also looking at Zend Framework, with Zend Studio you can incorporate all into your application easily. Yes i agree its better to see what Larry says, i was just giving you all the info i knew that i thought would help. Take care Johny. B)

  2. Yes set the foreign keys prior to generating the model and Gii will do that for you. If you can view the agile web application development with Yii, the relationships are on pg.96 and pg.97. If I was you I would give that book a read through before attempting to use Yii, it covers everything you need to know, but there are a few mistakes in the book so watch out.

  3. Did you read the Yii agile web development book. Foreign keys were covered for the trackstar app. Yii auto generates table relationships in the model you create, provided you setup your relationships in mysql first. You can add to or edit the relationships in the model.

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  4. Thanks I was going to get cloud hosting with them, I am working through the david powers oop book right now. My plan was to get my own web domain with rackspace then use it to work through your php and mysql for dynamic websites then the advanced php book. I've got the older advanced book so I'll get your new one when it comes out. I got over half way through the yii book but some things were starting to irritate me a bit. I thought it would be best learning oop then building my own oop mvc, then after working through your two php books and converting everything into oop. That way I think I will be 100% about this kind of stuff. Then onto yii, hehe... It looks like about two years work to get through...

  5. My woman bought a MacBook about one year ago, i have noticed many developers as you and FaceBook using this for machine for their main web development tool, so i figured since i still have loads to learn i thought i would try it out now. I would say if you are going from Windows 7 over OS X Lion its like writing with your right hand and trying to write with your left hand. Larry i am struggling more more with learning how to use Mac than learning OOP code, its a mind bender and can leave you with a migraine. I just got Zend Studio 9.0 so i installed it to the Mac, i have found it hard to locate, move, edit files etc...

  6. Hey Edward, I'm kind of in the same situation as you are, trying to get a grip on how to implement OOP in a web context. I'm trying to build a quizzing application using OOP but already having a tough time on where to put the database functionality, so I'm going to attempt to write factory classes.


    I've just finished viewing the first lecture video in an open Harvard software engineering course, and it looks promising as a supplementary material. Even though it's titled 'mobile' software engineering, they will be going over web development, MVC, frameworks, and all of that. Have a look.





    There's only three videos up at the moment because the course is happening this semester, but as it progresses, more videos will be uploaded.


    Cool, i will watch those. Thanks for that!

  7. I see your points. Okay but how about Effortless Ecommerce taking Knowledge is Power and Coffee Shop and combining into one, so then Coffee Shop would have a user log in and registration. If you were able to write up the book in the OOP MVC way. I am aware we would have to code common tasks as in validation etc which are covered by frameworks. But generally speaking it would give us a strong base to work off for those that wanted to build from scratch or go into frameworks with OOP.


    Also whether someone does go into frameworks even though common tasks and MVC is all in OOP they still have to code there website so they would need two know which design patterns were best in OOP. It would just be helpful for people going full OOP, what more can be said!

  8. Hi Larry i wanted to make my point in the last forum a bit more clear.


    I know most of your books have been written in the fashion for people to start building websites up from scratch, and i have no complaints they are all well written. But for people like me and i am sure there are more, we don't really have the time to be reinventing the wheel and need to get on with the main website functionality. I know from the knowledge i have now that frameworks are the best approach, Yii, Codeignitor or Zend Framework etc, but they are all built with object orientated code.


    We can find books on the market showing object orientated practice and patterns, but there is no current book like how to build an ecommerce website with registration and user accounts all written in objected orientated code. All we are finding in books is just a few classes etc, but we are not seeing a whole explained design pattern for one of these websites with your great explaining and notes. A book being in MVC of course.


    I understand that you are making a new book on Yii which would i am sure be more popular than this due to the lack of Yii books that there are currently. But this type of book like i am suggesting would be a great base for people to understand the concepts of OOP in action and therefore be able to tailer this design or something similar into one of these OOP frameworks.


    Like me and probably others at the moment, we have to buy many books to try to figure out how we should go correctly about this. Just a comment i would like to make as i am struggling to find the way right now.

  9. It's okay what you've got is fine, there is enough OOP in PHP 5 Advanced for us to be able to work the rest out ourselves. Learning Yii also drastically helps us improve our knowledge and understanding on the implementations of OOP. Hope you enjoyed your weekend, happy to be back here for more posts.

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