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  1. Larry, Persistence wins out!! I was changing the Update function not the Insert function!! date('Y-m-d H:i:s') worked. Now on to the next challenge!! John K
  2. Sorry, I have to ask this but I have not been able to find a solution via Google search for something that should be simple!! My usertype table has a date_created field similar to your customer table and I want to update this field via PHP. I searched the code I downloaded and can not seem to find where you updated this field. Modifying your example, I have created a table, usertype, that has the field modifedDate defined as: 'modifiedDate' timestamp Not Null Default CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP. In my insert code, I have the following code (in CodeIgniter): $dat
  3. This is not really a New Topic, just a continuation of the same topic. For this test I used the register.php code directly from EX-1 without modification and now I have used your config.inc.php from EX-1. Register.php <?php // This is the registration page for the site. // This file both displays and processes the registration form. // This script is begun in Chapter 4. // Require the configuration before any PHP code as the configuration controls error reporting: require('./includes/config.inc.php'); // The config file also starts the session. // Require the database connection
  4. It appears that I have a major problems with my installation as programs that use to work no longer do and even phpinfo() fails with a Server Error!! I will research the changes I have made to various Apache and PHP config files otherwise I will remove and re-install everything. John
  5. Greetings, I apoligize for jumping in the middle of this conversation but I too am going crazy trying to get the app started. I am running Win 7 Professional SP1, installed xampp (Version 1.8.0) from ApacheFriends many months ago and have been using it for various other projects so I am comfortable w/ the installation. MySQL v 5.5.25a; Apache 2.4.2; PHP 5.4.4. Apache is running as a service on Port 80 and 443. MySQL is running as a service on Port 3306. Therefore, DOCUMENT_ROOT is c:/xampp/htdocs. The first exercise is in a directory under DOCUMENT_ROOT in a directory called /e
  6. Thank you for your quick reponse. I have several manuals in the mail to bring me up to speed in MySQL and PHP. I will most likely hold off until I have studied these topics more. Thx again John
  7. I am trying to print the employees as a way of verifying my setup including Apache, phpMyAdmin, MySQL, etc. I downloaded the code from the website and reviewed the errata sheet for any errors. I used phpMyAdmin (5.2.17) to set up the database, load the data using the scripts downloaded from the website, etc, so I feel this part of the effort is satisfactory. Set up user and password and changed mysql.inc.php (pg 18) accordingly. The only difference is, because IIS and Wamp Server is on my computer (I will uninstall these products today.). I have been starting phpMyadmin with "http://loca
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