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  1. did you ever solve the problem thara? I'm having similar problem and would be great to get some assistance!
  2. Yes that is what i want to know!!!! Currently as followed via the tutorial in the book browse_prints is not set up to display the images, how to i go about changing the php to add the image to the prints table?
  3. Thanks for the help I have set up the database and populated and currently have prints (with details) correctly displayed on browse_prints.php in the table, the links for each print also work and take me through to view_prints.php with the image displayed. What I wanted to know was how to get this image to also appear in the table of prints on the browse_prints page. Does anyone have a solution for this - I keep getting errors
  4. Sorry I was a little vague! I was basically wondering how I would go around trying to implementing this - what code would I need to add to the table to get this to work? Thanks
  5. Hi guys, in need of some help attaching images to the table on the browse_prints.php page, is this possible to do? Sorry I am pretty new to php and have tried playing around with some code but only get errors - I have managed to get the 'request image is not available' image to appear in the table so think im not too far off. If anyone has managed to do this or could be off assistance would be great to hear from you! Thanks
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