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I've been in web development industry since 2007, when I first landed my first job for a start up company in San Diego California, where I grew up and currently reside. Since then it has been an amazing ride, I can't imagine myself doing anything else but drowning myself into code. I love it.


I'm a self taught programmer for the most part, with bits and pieces of HTML 1.0 knowledge mixed in from the days of geocities and tripod. My understanding of HTML and CSS has evolved nicely because of this. I am proficient in hand coding cross browser/device, w3c validated mark up code. I am wishing to add to my skill set PHP and MySQL. I could not find a better book than Larry Ullman's. At the moment I am going through the 3rd Edition of PHP6 and MYSQL 5. So far it has been fun, I will admit it has not been easy to understand some of the concepts. I am super thankful this forum exists and the community behind it. I am truly grateful for the brilliant minds here in this forum.


I'm excited to start the PHP Advanced Book after completing PHP6 and MYSQL 5.


Currently I work for a small web development and internet marketing company based in San Diego. My job requires a wide variety of skills, most of which I had mentioned here - html, css, php, mysql, javascript. I hope in the next couple of years I can be an expert at PHP and MySQL.

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