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  1. Larry, I have 3 of your books and am considering 2 more. Thanks! I have really been struggling with AJAX. One of the main things that is causing me problems is that Firefox insists on submitting the form(s) even when I return a "false" from the javascript. The only way I have been able to stop this is by getting rid of the submit inputs which means I have to use workarounds, like a button input, for all the scripts from your book to deal with the changes to the form. I have been able to get an autocomplete search to work, so I'm not completely failing, but this has become more problematic with the scripts to add a record to a database table. This is what I currently have for one of my scripts: record add form: <form method="post" id="member_add_form_ajax" onsubmit="member_add_xml()"> <input type="submit" value="Add Member" > ..text field inputs.... </form> Then for the javascript: function member_add_xml() { // Calls the ajax object from ajax.js var member_add_ajax = getXMLHttpRequestObject(); // Check for ajax object; if none, don't use AJAX if(member_add_ajax) { // Check to see if the page has an element with an id of "results" if(document.getElementById('member_add_ajax_results')) { //window.alert('hello 1'); return false; } } } It reaches the window.alert, so I know it's getting that far. But the form submits. Obviously, this code doesn't do anything, I've taken out everything between the window.alert and the return false; so that I can see if I can get the form to stop submitting without anything to trip it up. If I could at least get the form to stop submitting, I would then not have to modify your scripts so much and could possibly get it to work. Thank you for any help! Jack
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