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  1. Warwick

    Digital Ocean

    It's been about two and a half years since I started using Digital Ocean - hard to believe. I am still with them and have several websites on a basic droplet. Never had a days problem. How has everyone's experience been with them? Are you guys still using DO?
  2. Warwick

    Digital Ocean

    Thanks for the info, Larry. I have not yet decided whether I will go with serverpilot.io yet or not. I have a copy of my website set up on a droplet that is managed by serverpilot.io so that I can spend some time evaluating it. That Git solution looks like a good idea. Thanks Jonathon for the suggestion. I actually found someone asking a related question at DO here: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/how-can-i-keep-multiple-droplets-updated The answer to the question links to an Ubuntu article on how to do automatic updates here: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/automatic-updates.html The other thing that severpilot.io does is configure Nginx as a public-facing web server with Apache behind it. They do this to keep the Apache server safe from Slowloris attacks. This looks link a whole additional learning curve to set Nginx up manually. Has anyone had experience with setting up Nginx?
  3. Warwick

    Digital Ocean

    Jonathon, thanks for the reply. I have been using a $5 droplet with an experimental Wordpress website, running it on Ubuntu 32-bit. I did everything manually so have had some experience on setting up a server and even installed a free SSL certificate. The main problem is having to SSH in every so often to make sure that Ubuntu gets the latest updates. I am sure it will save a lot of time and work using serverpilot.io What I will do now is a very cautious move of my main (PHP) website to Digital Ocean to try it out. Here is my plan: - Leave the original website alone at first - Make a new droplet and create a second copy of the website on the droplet - Make a robots.txt file on the new website to keep the search engines out - Point the .org version of my domain name to the new website (the main website is .com, .org is not used at the moment) - Test the new website thoroughly - Either make a new droplet to transfer the original website to or simply point the .com domain to the .org droplet I think I can get away with minimum to no downtime of the original website by using the current webhost to point the domain name to the new droplet, then transfer the domain name to my new domain name registrar and point it to the droplet as well. Then cancel my old hosting after 48 hours. BTW do you know if it is possible to spread the load of a single website across multiple droplets? Have, say, one droplet in the USA and one in Singapore. Then automatically direct USA and South America traffic to the USA droplet and the rest of the world to the Singapore droplet. If one droplet goes down, then automatically redirect all traffic to the droplet that is still running.
  4. Warwick

    Digital Ocean

    Thanks for posting this Jonathon. This is really fantastic. I recently started experimenting with Digital Ocean, but never knew about serverpilot.io Has anyone had any further experience with Digital Ocean and serverpilot.io? Can you still recommend using this solution for hosting after using it for a while? Something else I would like to know is how do you know what size droplet to choose for your traffic or when to upgrade the droplet? I know this is a difficult question to answer because it depends on page size and traffic, but are there any ballpark figures / examples. I am thinking of moving my main website from shared hosting to this solution. My Google Analytics gives me the following report (traffic per month): 55,794 sessions 38,511 users 128,058 page views Any ideas on what size droplet to choose?
  5. Hello everyone I see that regular expressions in the book usually end with /i e.g. '/^[A-Z0-9\'.-]{2,30}$/i' However, on page 86 under point 7, the i is left off after the end forward slash: '/^(\w*(?=\w*\d)(?=\w*[a-z])(?=\w*[A-Z])\w*){6,20}$/' Why has the i been left off in this instance? Regards, Warwick
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