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  1. The Background is from The Polaris Site in Funcom's Soon to be released MMORPG (July 3) The Secret World..The NDA was released on the closed Beta yesterday and I can now say I LOVE THE GAME.. Any hooo... Okay Just did this without concatenating and with out the " ' " inside the thing and its working awesome. Thanks you Edward I am not sure how I missed this but you have helped a great deal today. I was thinking it was a logic problem not a syntax issue and here it is a syntax issue. Thanks again Robert P.S You so rawk They are all working as intended.. Thanks for taking
  2. I have been struggling for several days with this and I know its gonna be a simple solution or somehow I am not seeing the problem. I have a drop Down Menu (Column AP) at http://aguy.us/tsw/admin/AbilityInsert.php which I am trying to call a Function dropdownmenu. In trying to condense the code on the AbilityInsert.php page I realized I could take the repeated code for each of the Drop downs and use a function.. Currently all the menus work on the page with the exception of the AP Column, which is my Function Dropdownmenu experiment. The others are hard coded into the page until I get
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