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  1. Oh never mind, I did figure out what the issue was. I am not sure what my original issue was, but I did get it working now! Hooray! Thank you for your help
  2. Oops I just realized that I pasted the code that I stripped down to try to find out if the problem was at the core. Here is my code that I should be using. This is what the source code is showing: <img src="show_image.php?image=1&name=61166_199051356922191_191998974_n.jpg" width="466" height="700" alt="Travel" /> And my image path in the script is: $image = 'test1/ksanford/uploads/' . $_GET['image'] Now that I have gone back to the original code again it is doing something different, so I know I am getting closer. It is displaying the "Image Not Available" image in the size of the actual image. So it is changing with each print. I know that I am getting close to finding what the problem is, but as of yet have not found it...
  3. Thank you for your reply Larry . Okay, so the full name and path that the script is trying to load is: This is what my source code is showing: <img src="show_image.php?image=1" /> The image is on my hosting server. The path is: /test1/ksanford/uploads/ and I have also tried ../../../../../uploads . I have actually tried many variations on the path to see if it may be up or down a few folders in how it was reading it, but alas I still keep getting the same results. I do have a picture in the uploads folder by the name "1". The files are a bit deep, because I was practicing on a current site, but this is my file path to get to the script: test1/ksanford/public_html/test/test/ch19/show_image.php
  4. Hello! I too have been having the same problem and have been searching everywhere to find out what the issue is. I am hoping that maybe you can help as well . I was having the exact same problem and after reading this thread tired to debug my path, and I was finally able to get something to show, though it was the "Image Not Available" image. This was huge progress for me, but I am still stuck since the actual image I need to display is not showing and I am at a loss to get it to display. Apparently I am calling the image incorrectly? I know that it is looking in the right folder, and it is looking for the appropriate file and even though there is one in there by that name, it is showing the "Image Not Available" image instead....
  5. Oh my goodness. So I discovered a small error that in all of my frustration I overlooked. Problem solved. It had to do with my 'submit' conditional. Haha. Thank you so much for your reply!
  6. Hello I have been working my way through your book and for some reason have come across a problem I can not fix in Chapter 11. This is a problem I encounter even if I use the code that you included, as a download, for both pages. My login.php comes up as expected, but when one types in the user name and password and then hits submit, nothing happens other than refreshing the page. Even if you do not type anything in, there are no errors. I tried making a second login page "login1.php" and a second loggedin page "loggedin1.php" and tried to run those as well and it keeps redirecting it back to the original login.php page. My php.ini file had the outbuffering turned off, and I just turned it on while trying to figure out what the problem is. The code seems fine. Please help me figure this out, I feel I can't continue forward until I get this. I am also sure the answer is something simple that I am overlooking, hehe. Thank you!
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