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  1. Thank you very much. I hate having no logical explanation if things go wrong. Didn't think of the action attribute. This is something i'll never forget again, I guess. :-)
  2. Hi again, found the reason for the problem. In "if (empty($_POST['first_name'])) I had "post" instead of capitals. After I had changed this, it worked. I only don't understand, why this happened in the download version as well, "POST" was correct there. (I had saved the downloaded file as register2.php).
  3. Hi, I'm just learning php/mysql with your book. Up to now it was very easy, but now i'm stuck. When I try to run script 8.3 (my own as well as the download from you) I cannot register a new user. I always get the error message "The following >>error(s) occured: - You forgot to enter your first name." I completed all fields, including the first name. All the other fields are recognized, except the first_name field. Has anybody else come across this too? (I couldn't find this problem in the forum). I checked for differences between first_name and the other fields, but couldn't detect any. I checked in the php part as well as the html part (form). I copied script 8.3 from your download into my wamp/www directory, and the same error there too. Any help would be appreciated.
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