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  1. lol yeah our teacher was saying may be we have to meet the police men too
  2. Both the articles you suggested are really helpful.....
  3. Hartley Sir ! This will be actually an application that will help the person finding his phone which has been stolen. If he will install this app in it, this app will send alerts about the current location of phone after every 30 mins (user may change the time duration) to the app builder or to another phone number (as required) and if stolen, the person ll have the exact co-ordinates of the place where phone is present. Antonio Sir, lol no the phone won't turn into a killing machine but the person may turn into one after finding who stole his phone Thanks i ll keep you updated. Any suggestions regarding this are appreciated.
  4. Hi.... We chose a project and it got approved today It is an android application for mobile theft prevention. Anyone with some views about it or any kind of help is much appreciated... I am looking forward to yor advices. Thanks.
  5. Thankyou sir ! I ll let you know what i chose. Thanks .
  6. Well said Antonio sir but i googled alot and found nothing thats why i decided to take some idea from you experienced people. Hartley Sir, we have a full one year to develop so i guess thats an enough time to develop things like that as they have so much weightage in our GPA. I just searched the canvas thing it is interesting and i ll soon let you people know which project i choose. Thank you so much for your time respected members... Thanks .
  7. I really loved the idea of using HTML5 . Can you tell me where to get its tutorials or some learning material to learn it? The non HTML5 ideas are good too . Actually thats not a fault of my teachers here there is a system where teachers judge students on the basis of these final projects and they are of 400 marks value thats why everyone wants to build something new and creative. I tell you the names of the some projects last year. One was on surface computing , one on facial expressions recognition system, one was a social networking website for university, a medical system recognizing diseases by the symptoms and suggesting medicines etc. I hope you got the whole idea now. Building something in HTML5 sounds interesting . Please give me some diresction how to start it. Plus if some other ideas came into your mind after reading the whole scenerio please tell about them too. Thanks so much for your time.
  8. Thanks alot Antonio and hartley sir for the suggestions. Actually the matter is not of my interest now it is now a matter of impressing my teachers actually. I ll get good grades if i ll do something innovative and nice. I googled for a long time to get any idea about the new technologies i can use to develop something but didnt find any. Rather than just using php, mysql and JS you can suggest any creative thing for me to built as a project. I am looking foward to the suggestions of you guys. And Antonio sir, as you mentioned what kind of software i can built can you guide me in the right direction ? Thanks .
  9. Hi all respectable members, Hope you all are fine. I just came across another problem and I am sure i would get a direction from here as always ! Actually i have to make a project for my final year using php, mysql, javascript etc and i need to make some new application or something other than the traditional ones. Anyone with an idea is much appreciated Thanks.
  10. Ah this article is so helpful actually i have been searching the right way to do this for a week but i now realized i wasnt searching in the right direction... thanks for pointing me in the right direction
  11. hi... Actually i have made a blog and i wanted to have something like sms subscription for it where the registered users get a text on their phones whenever a something new is posted. I dont have an idea under which section to ask this question and no idea how to do that... anyone who know about the way how to do it please share it with me... thanks
  12. yes i agree with you.......as i already mentioned i need more practice but first i ve to collect appropriate knowledge thats why i was asking that question....
  13. oki sir, php mysql and java script... enough for being a good website developer? and reading two of your php books, effortless ecommerce and php 6 and mysql made me learn more than enough about php... i just need more practice now. Do you think i should try another book too or these two are enough? and i ve started reading your modern javascript develop and design too.....
  14. I want to ask another question too sir, in order to learn developing good web applications what should i learn in addition to php.... is learning jquery with php enough for developing good web apps?
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