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  1. Thank you. I apologize for not getting back sooner. The solution was to add "host=localhost", which did not exist in the download config file but did in the sample file. The reason I did not see this change solve my issue at the time was that IE9 continued to display the error from cache instead of reloading the corrected version. Two lessons come out of this: New users need to add the "host=" parameter to the XAMPP phpMyAdmin config file. IE9 (probably all IE and perhaps Firefox, etc.) need to have set options parameter 'new versions of sorted pages' to "every time I visit
  2. My college is using PHP&MySQL VQP as the text in an online course. We are currently on chapters 4 through 6. The course has little instructor interaction other than reviewing our editing and executing the VQP chapter scripts and building "game" php applications. I've been Googling several sites trying to find step by step "cookbook" instructions on using my localhost phpmyadmin tool on a Windows 7 xampp installation. I've found the Documentation.txt assumes a wider set of experiences than beginning students can bring - especially those without access to a subject matter expert.
  3. Well, that's not entirely true. Script 2.1 is not a folder, but form.html is as a standalone file. Apologies to Larry.
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