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  1. Got it. Step 3 of adding a FULLTEXT index. Must have completely glossed over that a dozen times. Was convinced I had missed a step. Thanks for clearing it up!
  2. @HartleySan, thanks for the very useful info. @Dan, thanks very much for clearing that up. Your take on it seems to more than reasonably answer the review question in the context given between the two chapters. And thanks for trying it out yourself and posting the results, I hadn't gotten time to do that yet. It's better if I didn't send Larry into a panic about updating the errata page...
  3. So, unless every table in the database is InnoDB, you can't perform transactions? That would mesh with the banking database example where all the tables use the InnoDB storage engine, in which case my only complaint would be that that case is not explicitly stated anywhere in the text and, for that matter, anywhere in the MySQL documentation on transactions. Seems like with regards to the forum database, transactions should be usable (though maybe not entirely useful) for queries dealing the users table and forums table, just not the messages table.
  4. OK, I'm back to being thoroughly confused. Referencing Chapter 6, pp. 186, steps 2 & 3, step 2 creates the forum database, which does not take a storage engine as an argument in its creation, so that doesn't jive with the wording of the thirteenth review question for Chapter 7 I quoted above. Step 3 creates the forums table, and the engine argument given is InnoDB. This also corresponds with the downloadable scripts file, sql.sql, with all the SQL commands from the book, which also specifies the InnoDB engine type when creating the forums table within the forum database. No new forum datab
  5. But specifically regarding the forum database built in Chapters 6 and 7, why doesn't it support transactions? I don't quite understand how it can't.
  6. Just going back through my chapter Reviews & Pursues of PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites Fourth Edition before purchasing the new book, and I have one hangup on a Chapter 7 Review question: Why doesn’t the forum database support transactions? I'm not sure how to answer this. Previously in the chapter, it says that in order to perform transactions, "you must use the InnoDB table type (or storage engine)." [pp. 234, para. 4] Well, the question references the "forum database", and I didn't think entire databases had a specific storage engine type, only the distinct tables withi
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