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  1. Dear all, I have a horrible issue with one of my PHP file which generates an XML file for the AJAX response. The original file(also the correct code) is as follows. <?php # update.php header("Content-Type: text/xml"); echo '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?><response>'; $error = false; if (!empty($_POST['prof_name'])) { $name = $_POST['prof_name']; } else { $error = true; echo '<field_error>prof_name</field_error>'; } if (!empty($_POST['prof_address'])) { $address = $_POST['prof_address']; } else { $address = ""; } if (!empty(
  2. Thanks HartleySan! Finaly I found the issue. It was with the date field in my query and I set the date format in my jquery datepicker. My doubt was that the issue was due to the XML file error. Anyway thank you so much!
  3. Dear all, I'm getting "no element found error" in my one of php file shown below. I have noted the following points. 1. When I preview my php file, the XML output is correct and does not give any error for me. <response> <field_error>appo_appointmentsubject</field_error> <field_error>appo_appointmentvenue</field_error> <field_error>appo_appointmentdate</field_error> <field_error>appo_appointmentfromtime</field_error> <field_error>appo_appointmenttotime</field_error> <field_error>appo_professi
  4. Dear HartleySan, I'm very happy for your quick reply for my issue and thank you very much. I worked according to your method and successfully completed my program! But for the sake of knowledge, can you just tell me whether why it does not work in the normal way as for text boxes, text areas etc.? Best Regards, Sampath
  5. Dear All, I recently started using ajax. Now I feel bit comfortable and the most problems I encounter can usually be solved referring to various support forums over the Internet. But the problem I have with check box is still could not be solved. I need to get an input from a user and save it into the database and give a message for the user for successful data saving. The input type is a check box. Following is my code segments. HTML code --------------- <td width="50%" align="left"> <input type="checkbox" id="chkadministrator" name="chkadministrator" val
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