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  1. Thanks, and I admit I did neglect earlier versions of IE. I just downloaded IETester and agree the site appears to have big issues with css / php scripts etc. running on earlier versions of IE. Not sure whether I will bother too much about it because my original intention was to only worry about the latest couple of versions of IE. Possibly I'm ignoring a few people but nobody has complained to me and people that don't know about these things often turn their computers over quickly enough that they upgrade their browsers one way or another. Heres hoping. Brent
  2. Thanks again, I will look at the info you suggest here and sorry I didn't get back to look at your second response sooner. My links are currently working fine & I have included a tweet button on my posts that successfully sends my perma link, this page contains an example http://www.flemingwebmedia.com/blog/blog_comments.php?blog_id=1&s=0 I am improving my site with time, and my original idea was to display the full length blog posts on the front page without the usual 'click to read more' that takes you to the full post. I'm thinking of reconsidering this approach because displaying the full post provides no incentive to click to go to the comments page that contains the tweet button for sharing ... Designing from scratch is always a toss up with how you approach these things. Thanks again. Brent
  3. Thanks very much for your reply. This does make perfect sense to me, and I have a page that already operates like that (it displays the post based on an id). What I was hoping to achieve was a solution that would include the title of the blog post in the permalink without the post_id, like: http://www.domain-name.com/path/to/script/post-title I have seen other sites using permalinks that look more like this & from what i have read they are easier to pass as external links for the purposes of sending the permalink in a tweet for example. The problem I see in creating a permalink like this is that it has to be re-interpreted again on my site and I'm not sure about how to manage that process. However - I have just been testing out your suggestion and it turns out that I can successfully link directly to a specific post on my site from an external location using that method. So I might not need to worry about the added complexity of creating a link with no id in it. Also, using bitly.com to shorten my original url still works in linking back to my post so maybe I could send the shortened version of the url & it would be tidier to send. Thanks for your help. Brent
  4. Hi, I have studied php6 and Mysql 5 for dynamic websites + other books and courses, but I need help creating permalinks to my blog posts. I have a Website with blog content in a Mysql database, flemingwebmedia.com, and my aim is to add social buttons to blog posts that include a permalink to the post they are attached to. I can't figure out where to start to accomplish this? Can anybody help me please? Thanks, Brent
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