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  1. In my upload folder. Images are stored. But why is not display in my view_print.php page. Plz code is same as provided by your site. Plz provide me solution. I can send all folder with all pages.
  2. Dear sir, in ch17, view_print.php my uploaded images is not displayed. it display a message No image available. Path is here : http://rrj.6te.net/c...print.php?pid=1 every one can check it. Plz help me.
  3. Dear Sir/Mam, I am learning PHP 6 and MySQL 5 for Dynamic Web Sites in chapter 16 User Registration at register.php page, I found require_once (MYSQL); in line 10. But within ch16 folder there are no MySQL , and there is no extension like .php or .html. So I was thinking it is wrong or may be require_once (mysqli_connect);instead require_once (MYSQL); . Plz conform me.Regards, Bharat
  4. Dear Larry, (http://us3.php.net/collator). I have chack above link but I can not understand howto use, When I run following example It will display error (Fatal error: Class 'Collator' not found in:) <?php $coll = collator_create( 'en_US' ); $arr = array( 'at', 'às', 'as' ); var_export( $arr ); collator_sort( $coll, $arr ); var_export( $arr ); ?> So I am requesting to you kindly give me proper suggestion. I am using wamp. Its have following version : Apache Version :2.2.21 PHP Version :5.3.8 MySQL Version :5.5.16 Version 2.English Version Plz provide me some code so I can solve this problum as soon as possible.
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