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  1. Hi Graham About removing the closing tag ?> , this what the php manual says: Thanks for your feedback, chapter 11 comming soon...(now jumping to some javascript)..
  2. Hi dean, first suggestion, run away from Godaddy's hosting:), the magic quotes directive was deprecated since PHP version 5.3.0. But, in your case, you can put the following code in a file (you can call it, "magicquotes.inc.php, "magicquotes.php", or whatever works for you, and include it in your main script: magicquotes.php code: <?php if (get_magic_quotes_gpc()) { $process = array(&$_GET, &$_POST, &$_COOKIE, &$_REQUEST); while (list($key, $val) = each($process)) { foreach ($val as $k => $v) { unset($process[$key][$k]); if (is_array($v)) { $process[$ke
  3. Pheww, seems my solutions for Chapeter 10 - Pursue points 1 to 3 are working, sharing what I have done : Chapter 10 Pursue - P1 * Solution: Modify the string to be passed when clicked on "Edit" and "Delete" from the "view_users.php" .. // from view_uses.php[/i] [i]// This code goes inside the [/i]while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($r, MYSQL_ASSOC)){ conditional [i]// Just add the new set of variable/values to the URL[/i] [i]<td align="left"><a href="edit_user.php?id=' . $row['user_id'] . '&fn=' . $row['first_name'] . '&ln=' . $row['last_name'] . '">Edit</a><
  4. As this file will be use as an include file, you can remove the last ?> from your script
  5. This may help you: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4448467/cant-connect-to-local-mysql-server-through-socket-var-lib-mysql-mysql-sock
  6. Larry and Antonio, thanks for the advice, much appreciated. I guess I will develop my "coding style" with time, knowlege and practice. Yes, Antonio, lots of fun and hours haha, hopefully I got a new "all-terrain" keyboard. Now I realize that the first book I read was very basic, the next books I read just added some confuse to the mix and a bit of frustration. And because of that, I started to look some new material to learn from, and I found PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented Programming in Amazon. It's really like fresh air, but for the sake of my mental health, I'm going through PHP and
  7. Hi Antonio, my concern is to learn how to program in PHP the right way, there are tons of books out there most of them are out-dated, and as a beginner you have to deal with all of these and even worst, those tuts sites where they should teach good coding practices and good samples most of the time have errors and aren't near good. I still have a hope since I found Larry's books , I'll be studying hard...so some day in a near future I'll be in the position of being able to choose "this way" or the "the other" according to the application I would build. Thanks!
  8. Thanks Edward, I get the book covering that part , so I'll be learning that part too, I knew there was a good reason for that, and seems I was missing more than just lil part lol. Sometimes I feel there's no enough time to study all I have to , anyway...I'm going step by step.
  9. Hi Larry I found your book in my pursue for learning more about PHP. I learn procedural programming with PHP and PDO for Database related operations from the first book I bought. With your book I see you are using mysqli and you cover PDO in chapter 8. I know that: 1. Mysqli provides database specific functions. 2. PDO is an abstraction layer, which means you can easily use your database functions no matter which database you are using. 3. If you go to the OOP rute then PDO is the standard for database functions. I know that there are more things, but to make a long story short,
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