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  1. yup, public function actionIndex() { Yii::app()->clientScript->registerScriptFile('scripts/myfile.js',CClientScript::POS_END); $this->render('index'); } i just wanted to load this file in a single page, if i load it in layouts/main.php page file would be loaded in entire site. regards charles
  2. got it Yii::app()->clientScript->registerScriptFile('scripts/myfile.js',CClientScript::POS_END);
  3. how to include js file in controller ie. some thing like this public function actionIndex() { //load js file here $this->render('index'); } requirement is to load js file in a new page
  4. thanks Antonio i knw diff btwn session & cookie, i was referring to deleting session . i wrote it wrong. regards charles
  5. Yii::app()->session->destroy('sessionName'); this did the trick.
  6. thanks edward i was using yii dummycache i switched to memcache still i can't use Yii::app()->cache->set('2', 'name'); i need to call $cache - new Memcache; $cache['var'] = 'helloworld';
  7. hi am trying to use Yii::app()->cache->set('2', 'name'); & access it using echo Yii::app()->cache->get('2'); but it's not printing any result, any idea why ? regards charlkes
  8. hi am trying to delete the browser cookie PHPSESSID on logout using the following code unset(Yii::app()->request->cookies['PHPSESSID']); Yii::app()->request->cookies->clear(); but the cookie stays there even after this, is there any other way to clear these cookies? regards charles
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