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  1. Thank you, Antonio - sure never enough learning but this time I am pretty sure what I want. I want a tabbed "baby steps" kind of interface (you call it "achievement system") where each "achievement" is goverened by a separate model/controller. So, the step - while completed - is stored in a database rather than in persistent session data or a cookie. Best regards,
  2. ???? What is so wrong, Larry??? - Sorry - this is a completely mistery for me this time!!! Actually - you should notice that this time I was not asking for any help! I rather tried to DONATE a code. I actually SUPPORTED this forum with a very useful trick I stumbled upon once upon a time - but the trick was misunderstood by Edward. So, indeed this might be a language issue what I am unaware of - but - is it Palace de Versaille or is it The Yii Book forum for internationals who may be not so skillful in English language used by diplomatic council ??? Please, Larry - enlighten
  3. Jesus - Edward - can you get focused for a moment, please? If you send an e-mail during add campaign you do not send it to a single addressee but to thousands of them! So you keep all these e-mail addressess in distribution lists - in tables full of e-mail addresses! And most probably you need a distribution list A for campaing X and another distribution list B for campaign Y as these are completely different customer targets! For instance list A is a list of elderly people who are looking for appropriate health programm while list B is a list of young professionals who may be interes
  4. You misunderstood - one table for all campaigns but each distribution list (or e-mail address list, as you like) is a separate table! Or be so kind and provide me an alternative solution to manage distribution lists efficiently!
  5. Hi, The previous script has some problem with scenarios. This is a new one what is working fine and its functionality is IMHO critical but for whatever reason is missing in Yii native code: Example usage: Presume you have a table of addvertising mailing campaigns. Each record is a separate mailing campaing: it has a unique id, unique name, unique e-mail body, it is associated with given customer, it is owned by a specific employee etc. And finally it must be associated with a specific distribution list. And each distribution list is in fact a separate database table where each reco
  6. First of all - you need to double check your .htaccess as well as all Apache configuration files, especially httpd.conf file. Internal Server Error (code 500) is usually a consequence of misused rewrite rules, so the easy way is to temporary disable mode_rewrite module and check how is site performing without it. If the error is gone - you know where to look around...
  7. Hi, I need to use a model with dynamic table name in my application. I have found a piece of code to use like that: $model = new DynamicModel($tableName); The code is as follows: class DynamicModel extends CActiveRecord { private static $_tableName; public function __construct($tableName) { if(strlen($tableName) == 0) { return false; } if(strlen($tableName)>0){ self::$_tableName = $tableName; } self::setIsNewRecord(true); } public static function model($tableName) { if(strlen($tableName) == 0) { return false; } $className=__CLASS__; if(strlen($tableName)>0){ se
  8. Antonio - sorry - I do not pretend a Yii master. I think I learn fast but sometimes one needs just a "right" clue not a "good" one. This time you gave me "good" clues while Larry's offered a "right" one! And sure - partial render is nothing special but... one have to catch the idea... ;-) Have a nice weekend and thank you !!!
  9. I just stumbled upon it as I was indspensable for my project. Please - have a look at the little but important "correction" of the original code posted by one of the commentators (about NULL values). Rgs,
  10. BINGO - RENDER PARTIAL IS THE CLUE !!! Thank you, Larry !
  11. Hmm, Antonio - please, try to think about this as "tabbed forms" rather than "tabbed content". Then you perhaps can give me a clue how specific tab can communicate with specific controller/model while being served by a single view. This is my problem actually.
  12. Larry, I strongly believe you can add this to your book: http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/unique-attributes-validator/
  13. Hehe - plain language but I fully agree, Larry. Nevertheless - thanks for example but still the main problem remains: - it is NOT how to SHOW things in tabbed manner - it IS how tabbed content should INTERACT with various controllers/models behind (eg. tab 1 relates to controller A while tab 2 relates to controller B.) Any idea here - I would really appreciate!
  14. Thank you, Antonio - a bit too general opinion this time (like how to integrate different tabs with different models/controllers?) but anyway...
  15. Hi, I started to think about dynamic tabbed UI for my application. A dynamic tabbed UI is nice way to present data as they flow during processing. For instance an account is starting a new mailing campaing feeding appropriate data like customer, distribution list, start date, end date, repetition count, etc. When this is completed, a new tab is opened where a designer can feed a mail layout. When this is completed a new tab is opened where customer can drop his/her remarks or approve campaing for mailing. And the beauty of tabbed interface is that all data are nicely layout
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