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  1. Great book. Chapter 9 on QuickForm2 is very interesting, and the examples as far as they go are very informative, but just echo $form or echo default renderer both produce a two column type form, first column for label, second column for input etc. PEAR documentation refers to using the Stub Renderer to manually output complex HTML implying that virtually any layout including complex tables can be achieved. I have tried to use this but failed in my attempts, and I cannot find any examples that explain the use of the Stub Renderer. The example on PEAR just says 'Output goes here', but does not show example output, and if I put a Submit Button there, it does not activate the form. Are there any easy to follow examples of creating a form with a complex layout using QuickForm2, or can someone please explain how this can be achieved, please?
  2. Apologies that this may be a stupid question, I have searched but I haven't found a clear answer. The Yii Book page 33 says 'Keep the Yii framework folder outside of your Web root directory, if at all possible'. I can only copy files within the Web root to the remote/production server. Is it correct that the framework folder is not required on the production server?
  3. Thanks for your input. It is not a case of being worth the trouble, the workaround is easy, but that would not help my long term understanding. There will be times I need to read binary data and get the data I expect. Anyway, problem now resolved - it relates to using mysqli_real_escape_string. The second line below has stripped out each '\' and the following character so was not what I wanted to make a valid comparison. \0Ù<Ÿµ\0úH¹WÈÇc9- œ\\g«Yñxr,ç0Ñqi - the value as saved Ù<ŸµúH¹WÈÇc9- œ\g«Yñxr,ç0Ñqi - the value as loaded has characters missing \0Ù<Ÿµ\0úH¹WÈÇc9- œ\\g«Yñxr,ç0Ñqi I need to use mysqli_real_escape_string on the retrieved data which generates the third (expected) line as in the following code which generates the three lines above - while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($r)){ $TestLoad = mysqli_real_escape_string($dbc, $row['TestSave']); echo "<p>$TestSave - the value as saved<br> {$row['TestSave']} - the value as loaded has characters missing<br> $TestLoad</p>"; } Larry, great to see you doing a book on Yii. I looked at the Zend framework and could not really understand it. I'll be buying your Yii book today.
  4. I would like to get to the bottom of this. I have extracted the relevant code and having set $dbc as the database connection the following code - $q = "CREATE TABLE bintest(TestSave tinyblob NOT NULL) ENGINE=InnoDB CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE=utf8_general_ci"; $r = mysqli_query($dbc, $q) or die(mysqli_error($dbc)); function Insert($dbc, $TestSave) { $q = sprintf("INSERT INTO bintest(TestSave) VALUES ('%s');", $TestSave); echo "<p>Insert query SQL<br>$q</p>"; $r = mysqli_query($dbc, $q) or die(mysqli_error($dbc)); } $Password = "11Waldron"; $TestSave= mysqli_real_escape_string($dbc, hash_hmac('sha256',$Password,'c#rAz01',true)); Insert($dbc, $TestSave); $q = "SELECT TestSave FROM bintest"; $r = mysqli_query($dbc, $q) or die(mysqli_error($dbc)); while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($r)){ echo "<p>$TestSave - the value as saved<br> {$row['TestSave']} - the value as loaded has characters missing</p>"; } gets the following output - Insert query SQL INSERT INTO bintest(TestSave) VALUES ('\0Ù<Ÿµ\0úH¹WÈÇc9- œ\\g«Yñxr,ç0Ñqi'); \0Ù<Ÿµ\0úH¹WÈÇc9- œ\\g«Yñxr,ç0Ñqi - the value as saved Ù<ŸµúH¹WÈÇc9- œ\g«Yñxr,ç0Ñqi - the value as loaded has characters missing I would really like to understand why there is this difference in what the insert query saves and the select query retrieves for some values of $password including '11Waldron', but for example 'Channon2012' retieves exactly as saved.
  5. Sorry not to have been more specific. The various conbinations show - line 1 PassCrypt as saved, line 2 PassCrypt as reloaded, both the same from a simple Crypt of the password line 3 hash_hmac as saved, line 4 hash_hmac as reloaded, both the same with false as the last hash_hmac element, i.e. not binary line 5 base64_encode(hash_hmac.......true) as saved, line 6 as reloaded, both the same when binary saved through base64 line 7 hash_hmac.......true saved to a varbinary(100) field, line 8 as then reloaded - but different line 9 hash_hmac.......true saved to a tinyblob field, line 8 as then reloaded - again different Some other passwords are that I started with worked fine including saving as binary fieleds, but 11Waldron, 211Waldron, Waldron11 do not seem to save correctly in MYSQL (version 5.4) binary fields. Is there some requirement not to use numeric characters or something similar? I would have thought any binary data which is saved would reload as exactly the same binary data. However when I try to compare the hash of the password that the user enters against the saved value, because the saved value is not reloading as originally computed/hashed, a password entered correctly gets rejected. When I save $UsePassTBHash from the following line $UsePassTBHash= mysql_real_escape_string(hash_hmac('sha256',$Password,'c#rAz01',true)); into a tinyblob or varbinary(100) field, Select UsePassTBHash from... etc. does not reload the same value If there is really a problem saving and reloading a binary field, would I be better to end hash_hmac as false to create a text value, or to base64_encode the binary value from hash_hmac last field true?
  6. Great book, very helpful basis to writing php and mysql database. I've based my login on hash_hmac (page 78 chapter 4). Works fine for some passwords, but then a password attempt was rejected and I traced it back to the binary save. Below is echo from various versions of Password, Crypt, Hash false so not saving binary, Hash true but then base64_encoded, saved to varbinary(100) and saved to tinyblob. First line is echo of the variable saved, second line is the value as read back from the database. Why does a password '11Waldron' not read back as saved in the last two cases when save as varbinary or tinyblob? Any thoughts? Coding is basically - $UsePassTBHash= mysql_real_escape_string(hash_hmac('sha256',$Password,'c#rAz01',true)); Results are - 11Waldron(Password) juxBFM8KEpQoo(UsePassCrypt) juxBFM8KEpQoo 00d93c9fb500fa4805b957c8c763392d099c5c67ab59f178722ce73018d17169(UsePassHashFalse) 00d93c9fb500fa4805b957c8c763392d099c5c67ab59f178722ce73018d17169 ANk8n7UA+kgFuVfIx2M5LQmcXGerWfF4ciznMBjRcWk=(UsePassB64Hash) ANk8n7UA+kgFuVfIx2M5LQmcXGerWfF4ciznMBjRcWk= \0�<��\0�H�W��c9- �\\g�Y�xr,�0�qi(UsePassVBHash) �<���H�W��c9- �\g�Y�xr,�0�qi \0�<��\0�H�W��c9- �\\g�Y�xr,�0�qi(UsePassTBHash) �<���H�W��c9- �\g�Y�xr,�0�qi
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