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  1. Hmmm....guess what? Trying to view CSS source with FireFox WebDeveloper plugin gave me a very nice hint..."You do not have permission to access style.css...." Which is strange since I chmoded everything to 777 in frustration..... Bloody Linux permission denied access to assets folder =) Thanks Ben! Case Closed! =)
  2. Greetings, Sorry for my late reply! Sorry I made a typo in fist post....off course I ment index.php and yes both header and footer is included and rendered properly in - http://localhost/myCMS/index.php I now tried to move just the file style.css to the includes folder and changed to - <link href="includes/style.css" rel="stylesheet"> And guess what it works....but why on earth does it not work if I want the CSS to be in assets/css/style.css? So strange...and making me going nuts. BTW Happy New Year to all!
  3. Greetings to all (and especially you Larry) I'm having difficulties getting the CSS to show and I think there is something wrong with my path to CSS. I like to have things tidy and pretty so I created a subfolder in my www root called "myCMS". FileStructure = myCMS(folder) index.php assets(folder) css(folder) style.css img(folder) logo.png includes(folder) header.html footer.html I get the includes to work and they show when rendering index.html but there is no styling... In header.html I have <link href="assets/css/style.css" rel="stylesheet"> But my greenhord guess is that the path is wrong?? Ideas why CSS wont show? Cheers to all
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