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  1. Thanks HartleySan. I'll look into your suggestions.
  2. No errors, thanks. I think I'll just do a different setup.
  3. Thanks, I'm not surprised (sigh). Fixed that but it doesn't change anything.
  4. I've been trying to get this for a while (includes jQuery) and somehow nothing seems to work. The image gallery works fine but won't display title. $(document).ready(function() { var pics=[]; for (var x=0; x<preLoadPics.lenght;x++) { pics[x]=new Image(); pics[x].src=preLoadPics[x]; } var newPix=new Image(); newPix.src=preLoadPics[0]; $('#thumbPix a').click(function(evt){ evt.preventDefault(); var pixFile=$(this).attr('src'); var pixLink=$(this).attr('href'); var pixTitle=$(this).attr('title'); var oldPix=$('#pix img'); var newPix=$('<img src="'+pixLink+'">'); if(pixLink==oldPix.attr('src')){ return; }else{ $('.selected').removeClass('selected'); //add highlight to this thumbnail $(this).addClass('selected'); //make new image invisible newPix.show(); //add to the #pix div $('#pix').prepend(newPix); newPix.show(); //fade out old image and remove from DOM oldPix.fadeOut(0,function(){ $(this).remove(); }); //fade in new image newPix.fadeIn(0); oldPix.remove(pixFile,'^Lg+\w\.'); } }); //end click $('#thumbPix a:eq(0)').click(); }); //end ready </script> this is body section <div id="thumbPix"> <li><a href="LgPicture.jpg" id="pix"title="Picture"> <img src= "smallPicture.jpg" border="2" bordercolor="#cccc99"/>Picture<br /></a></li> One option that doesn't break it completely is adding pixTitle to the .prepend in the Javascript code. I got it to display title, but then it just builds the titles instead of replacing it. $('#pix').prepend(newPix,pixTitle); newPix.show(); any ideas? Thanks
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