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  1. I am trying to change the name of a field in a table, but it is part of the primary index. I can't figure out what the format is for dropping the primary index, altering the table field, creating the index with new field name.
  2. Hi all, I appreciate all of the suggestions for a web host. Larry, will you share the name of the web host that you use?
  3. Thank you all for your advise. I ended up putting the project in htdocs. It works great.
  4. Thanks Larry. The problem with that configuration for me is that it assumes I do not need to install a second project. I have created a directory cp where I have put the files from ex2/html. However, I don't know how to get apache to recognize the home directory is //localhost/htdocs/cp. It means I have to do relative includes which I don't want to have to do on my website. I looked in php.ini for a setting of the root directory for xampp but could not find it.
  5. I am having trouble configuring ex2 using xampp. I don't seem to be able to see the root directory. Would somebody please explain to me the relationship of the ex2 zip file and xampp. What configuration do you use? Why is there a html directory. Why can't I find root directory files such as mysql.inc.php from the php code? Amazingly enough, I understand the code just fine. I just don't know how to configure my workspace. Thanks for you time and help.
  6. I am going to create a site very similar to the coffee site but have no idea who to use as the web host. It is small enough that a shared service should be just fine but I want to be able to have secure directories for mysql and administration.
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