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  1. Thanks Jonathon and Hartley. At least I got the pages working for now, albeit not the ideal solution. I am in the midst of reading this PHP book cover to cover, as well as another PHP book simultaneously. I will probably purchase an advanced PHP book after I have devoured these two. I did the same crash course several years ago when I was avidly involved with Cold Fusion. I am a knowledge and information sponge, I love to learn knew things and become the best at what I do. I may have come across as asking the forum to provide me with a solution to my problem, for which I apologize. I
  2. Actually, with a little more sleuthing around, and a bit of help from a friend, I got it figured out. It seems there isn't a way to embed a PDF with PHP, but it can be done by combining PHP with OBJECT. Here is what I came up with, and it works! <?php $url = "http://www.bkdiy.com/files/exemptions/"; $PDF_title = get_the_title(); ?> <object width="950" height="1200" type="application/pdf" data="<?php echo $url '. $PDF_title;?>.pdf?#zoom=85&scrollbar=0&toolbar=0&navpanes=0" id="pdf_content"> <p>Error: You are unable to view PDF files.
  3. There is nothing in Chapter 11 or anywhere in this book about embedding a pdf. In fact, I searched "pdf" and came up with zero results. I also searched "embed" and didn't find anything that answers my question. Is what I am trying to do impossible? Someone please tell me so I don't waste my time (or annoy anyone). Thanks Pam
  4. Like I said, I searched though the book and didn't find anything. Thank you for pointing out which chapter to read, which was all I was asking for. As I pointed out,all I need is a little guidance and I can learn on my own. BTW, I only got this book a couple of days ago and am devouring it rabidly. However, this is a project that I need to accomplish ASAP, which means I need to fast track to a solution. That was the only reason I posted the question. Sorry you found it so annoying. Pam
  5. I want to be able to call a specific PDF and embed it onto a page using a variable in PHP. I have 50 PDF files named as the 50 US States IE: Akabama.pdf, Alaska.pdf, etc. I also have 50 pages, each titled as one of the 50 states IE: Alabama, Alaska, etc. What I am trying to accomplish is when the visitor opens (for example) the "Alabama" page, she is served with the Alabama.pdf embeded onto the page (probably using google.docs) So far, all I have been able to accomplish is to create the variable: <?php $pdf_title= get_the_title(); ?> What I want to do is
  6. It's funny that "Echo" was the only PHP function I knew before I bought this book. I was thrown a bit when I saw the print function being used, until I read further and discovered that they do the same thing Pam
  7. Hi, I just bought PHP Visual Quickstart Guide from Amazon. It's "Third Edition", but this forum says "Fourth Edition". I didn't see a Fourth Edition on Amazon when I purchased this. Does it matter that I have the Third Edition? I'm just learning PHP and need all the help I can get. So far I like the book. Thanks Pam
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