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  1. for anyone with this problem I commented out line 117 in register.php where the line is: //mail($_POST['email'], 'Registration Confirmation', $body, 'From: yourmail@whatever.com'); I also commented out the main stuff in php.ini and anywhere else but that didn't work ...moving on
  2. Hi everyone, I am getting this error Failed to connect to mailserver at "localhost" port 25, verify your "SMTP" , I really don't care about connecting to the mailserver. I just want to stop seeing this error. Anyone know how to disable it? I'm using Xampp Windows 10. I don't use Mercury, its off at the Xampp control panel. My book is Effortless ecommerce edition 2 and I see the error after filling in the register.php page. Thanks
  3. I am now getting the 'no image available' default jpg, -a bit of progress,
  4. sorry two images uploaded. No need to hurry, I'm just going through your book at leisure and review
  5. Here is the part where it echos the prin from the while loop in the browse_prints file:: Also in the image file you can see that the uploaded files look incomplet without file extensions. The properties just say 'File' --weird // Display each record: echo "\t<tr> <td align=\"left\"><a href=\"browse_prints.php?aid={$row['artist_id']}\">{$row['artist']}</a></td> <td align=\"left\"><a href=\"view_print.php?pid={$row['print_id']}\">{$row['print_name']}</a></td> <td align=\"left\">{$row['description']}</td> <td align=\"right\">\${$row['price']}</td> </tr>\n";
  6. Hi, Everything is working ok the image upload and even the cart checkout. But getting the No image available message. Can anyone tell me how to make the image appear? it is only a jpg and very small. It does not upload to the uploads folder either.
  7. I tried to buy the ebook at the PP website. I guess they don't want me to buy it. First I had to create an account. Then the ask me for my mailing address -for an ebook download? I live overseas but in the drop down I can only choose from US states and zip codes (required fields) . Through the processes there is no indication that I'm ordering an ebook. I don't want a hard copy. The ordering process is certainly not effortless. Larry, Peach Pit is not serving you well.
  8. Hi Laurent, Thanks but I can only guess that I didn't have a closing php tag. But I have looked at the entire script and it still escapes me.
  9. Greetings and good day to all you Ullmanites, I'm getting this when I access index.php through the url: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in C:\xampp\htdocs\ecommerce\virtual\knowledge\html\includes\config.inc.php on line 67 here is the local code, nothing much before that except the define functions and the session variable: function my_error_handler ($e_number, $e_message, $e_file, $e_line, $e_vars) { // Need these two vars: global $live, $contact_email; // Build the error message: $message = "An error occurred in script '$e_file' on line $e_line:\n$e_message\n"; THIS IS LINE 67 it is empty // Add the backtrace: $message .= "<pre>" .print_r(debug_backtrace(), 1) . "</pre>\n"; // Or just append $e_vars to the message: // $message .= "<pre>" . print_r ($e_vars, 1) . "</pre>\n"; I'm not seeing any semicolon problems or missing syntax. Thanks
  10. Thanks Larry, I've fixed it. It was as you say in the dynamics
  11. also, I am accessing phpmyadmin successfully with the url: localhost:85/phpmyadmin. So I'm assuming I'll have to look through php.info to see whats up with ports and php.
  12. Larry, Yes, the non dynamic stuff is showing up . I will check out the index.php and the xamp config. Meanwhile any other suggestions are thankfully used
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