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  1. Larry, I ordered the latest version of your book. From Amazon's "Look inside" feature, I'm sure it will answer my MySQLi questions (not sure if it delves into PDO, which would be a great thing for you to cover -- do you do it in the 4th edition or elsewhere?). In pondering this, I think you are missing a golden opportunity. You excel as an author (hence why I've bought several of your books), but you could be a titan of the computer world by offering a service I've never before heard of (and never imagined possible until a few minutes ago), for which there would be tremendous demand. If I
  2. I created various websites (based on Larry's code) that worked fine for years, but after my web hosting company upgraded to PHP Version 5.6.27, I repeatedly receive this error message: "An error occurred in script '.../mysql_connect.php' on line 8: mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead" I was able to suppress that error message on one website by prepending the "@" symbol to the expression, but strangely it did not work on another site. I'd like to know why (as a quick fix), and whether I can do something to supp
  3. I am still confused about what exact PHP code to use to get the column type into a string.
  4. I want to change various column names using: ALTER TABLE tablename CHANGE COLUMN oldname newname columntype; This is easy except for the last part (columntype). It seems silly to need to specify that since I don't want to change the column TYPE, only its name, but from what I've read, specifying columntype is mandatory. I need automated code, not show the table and manually view the columntype and manually input that. Thus I'd appreciate code that gives me $columntype. Thank you!
  5. Thanks, Larry, that solved the problem. I'd previously implemented the exact changes you suggested, using date_default_timezone_set('America/New_York'); and nothing above it, but it originally did not work for well over a month. In retrospect, I suspect the problem resulted from the 1and1.com server -- one of MANY they have -- but they evidently fixed it. I told them of the error but they initially dismissed my report, which is characteristic of them. BTW, if you ever start a web hosting company, I'd be your first customer and gladly pay several times what I'm paying 1and1. There must be m
  6. After my web hosting company (1and1.com) switched from PHP 4 to 5, a script that once returned the current year A-OK no longer works; it now generates this error message that is e-mailed to me every time a page bearing this include is accessed: An error occurred in script '----------/includes/footer.php' on line 4: <br />date_default_timezone_get() [<a href='function.date-default-timezone-get'>function.date-default-timezone-get</a>]: It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. Please use the date.timezone setting, the TZ environment variable or the date_def
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