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    Time Zones In Yii

    thanks for answering Larry
  2. Luis

    Time Zones In Yii

    Thanks Larry. For example, in Laravel, in the config file, I can setup a variable for the time zone, for example "America/Mexico" and when I work with dates like (Now() function) the function returns the time and date of this specific time zone. Can I do something like this in YII ?, I'm asking this because of the shared hosting I use, and I don't have the change to configure the web server's time zone directly.
  3. How can I work with a specific Time Zone inside my Application in Yii ?
  4. Thanks Larry, The Yii Book is really great, I'm waiting for the oncomming chapters
  5. thankyou Larry, the code: ------------config/main.php // application components 'components'=>array( 'user'=>array( // enable cookie-based authentication 'allowAutoLogin'=>true, ), 'securityManager' => array( 'hashAlgorithm' => 'sha256', 'validationKey' => 'lvkj23mn5;9 cjl;sd;ij25KJE5r'), --------------model protected function beforeSave(){ $this->password = Yii::app()->securityManager->computeHMAC($this->password); return parent::beforeSave(); } --------------ERROR CException CSecurityManager and its behaviors do not have a method or closure named "computeHMAC". C:\wamp\www\yii-1-1-13\framework\base\CComponent.php(265) 265 throw new CException(Yii::t('yii','{class} and its behaviors do not have a method or closure named "{name}".',
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