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  1. Hi Larry, I am using IE8. I changed my privacy settings to: 'Override automatic cookie handline' and I marked "Prompt" under both First-party and Third-party Cookies. When I go to any www.'website'.com I get a Privacy Alert message. But when I run Script 9.1 as http://localhost/view_settings.php, it proceeds with no alerts, warnings, or prompts, and goes right to a page showing my choices. I tried substituting your script from the downloads, just to find if it was an error in my script, but I got the same results. (I wanted to try it in FireFox,[version 3.6.17] but I was
  2. Thanks for your quick reply and answer. In answer to your request that I clarify "this"... I could use examples of both: using the code itself and a situation in which headers have already been sent. I'm just not wrapping my head around this one. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi Larry, You include two tips at the end of Chapter 8 that I have questions about. The first one is: The headers_sent() function returns TRUE if the page has already received HTTP headers and the header()function can't be used. Could you please explain an example of this happening. The second tip is: Using the GET method trick, you can pass values from one page to another using header(): $var = urlencode('Pass this text'); header ("Location: page.php? message=$var"); When would you want to do this? Please give an example. THANK YOU for your help! JJ
  4. When I saw that it should just be taxrate++; I changed it to that and it worked. However I just pulled up the file and saw that I'd typed in as taxrate ++; so I'm glad you asked about the space because I hadn't noticed it and I now I can correct that too. Larry, since you replied to this, I'd just like to thank you for this book! I tried an online "Introduction to PHP" class offered by a local technical college, and spent nearly all of my time completely confused by the teacher's instructions, explanations, and answers. Thank you for breaking this down into understandable bite-sized
  5. I hate when I find the answer two seconds after I finally break down and ask. I'd struggled with this for a couple of hours and after I posted to this forum I decided to move to the next section of the chapter. That's when I remembered about the scripts. I pulled up the relevent script and almost immediately saw what I'd done wrong. Thanks anyway!!
  6. I'm in Chapter 4 page 84. The topic is "Incrementing the value of a variable". The instructions are to change $taxrate = $taxrate + 1; to $taxrate = $taxrate++; I am not getting the right results and I can't figure out why. The code was working before I made this change, and this is the only thing I changed. I've pasted that part of the code with the results below. I'm using Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express to write my code, and my browser is IE8: I also tried it in Firefox which was even stranger as you will see below the IE8 results. Below them all I have pasted the
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