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  1. If you are looking at shopping cart packages, they come in 2 basic versions: 1) you have to use someone else's server 2) you can use your own server or your own hosting company. If you choose a package that is only hosted on the supplier's servers, then what happens if you want to do something that they do not already have provisions for? Say for example you have developed this beautiful site, excellent content, and now you want to provide feeds to the shopping engines (multi-channel commerce). If the cart company does not offer this service, chances are excellent that they will not al
  2. You might want to think along totally different lines. In a clothing store or Wal-Mart, each different item has a unique UPC code, so the store knows what to reorder and what is sold very easily. Yes, this means making 50 product IDs for a pair of jeans in 10 sizes and 5 colors, but then you know EXACTLY what is selling and what to reorder. Unless you are having the products drop-shipped, then inventory costs can be very high, and fashions change quickly. If you use 1 main product ID with variants for size and color, then you can easily associate all the "Farmer John" jeans of the vario
  3. Having used Magento for the past year, and OSCommerce and derivatives of it for several years previous, I can tell you something about the limits of using canned software, even if it is opensource. OSCommerce was begun years ago, and is stable, but is not PCI compliant. Magento is PCI compliant, but there is a scripting bug in it somewhere, and people can put comments on my site without logging in. If you want the cart to do something it does not, then you can search for a module (paid or free), install it, and pray for the best. Of course you backup the entire server first, before i
  4. Never mind, I found the answer! The keyboard was set to US International, instead of US, so the single quotes and double quotes were not working correctly. Changing the keyboard type to US and doing s system wide application solved the problem.
  5. Hi Larry, I love the book, but none of the scripts will run! I have PHP Version 5.2.6-2ubuntu4.6 loaded, and I am trying to work with the content management application in Chapter 12. The HTML runs fine, but I get errors like Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '/' in /var/www/index.php on line 3 when I try to run the scripts. Unfortunately, I am new enough at PHP that I have no clue what to do from here! If I delete the . then I get overflow by 0. If I delete the / then I get file not found header.html and footer.html. Am I the only one with these difficulties? I looked at the TOC f
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