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  1. Thanks Larry! That worked like a charm and I was surprised to see how close I actually was to getting it. Scatz
  2. Ok, so posted on Ch. 13 Pursue earlier about making the login form sticky which I had great help getting resolved. Then when I get down the part where I need to make add_quote.php sticky, I have made the text area and source sticky but am having a really hard time trying to figure out how to get the checkbox to be sticky as well. I'm not even 100% sure if that's something that I'm even supposed to try to do for that part but it's an intriguing problem that I've run into and I can definitely see where knowing how to make a checkbox be sticky can be helpful in the future. I've searched all ov
  3. Thanks Margaux! That makes perfect sense and is some really good advice that I'll definitely use in the future when I encounter these situations. Thanks a lot for your help and time! Scatz
  4. Hello All, Well I'm wrapping up the last part of this book and seem to have hit a roadblock. On the first Ch. 13 Pursue assignment that tells you to make the login form sticky, I can't seem to get it to work and I've been able to get all of the previous ones pretty quickly. I know it'll probably be something that makes me feel silly after I figure it out, but after 2 hours of mixing and rearranging code, I keep coming back to the same thing and get somewhat similar results each time. Aside from it not working properly, when I put my code in the value attribute, it shows up as code in th
  5. It worked!!! Thanks Larry! Man I kind of figured that that's where my issue was and for some reason, file paths trip me up a little bit but I'll for sure figure them out and that was a great bit of advice you gave me that I'll definitely hold on to! On another note, I'm so glad you wrote this book and I knew it was a winner as soon as I started! I literally have 5 more (PHP and MySQL 4th Ed, PHP Advanced 3rd Ed, Modern JavaScript, Effortless E-Commerce, and The Yii Book for when I get to frameworks) that are on my shelf that I plan to tackle as soon as I finish this one and this summe
  6. Margaux - I looked it up and am not really sure that is the issue or I'm not really understanding exactly what the php chmod() function was telling me to do as it relates to the actual issue that I'm having. Thanks for the suggestion though! I'm still working on it. Larry - My register.php file is in a folder that I've created for the book and additionally created a folder for each chapter of the book within it and they are all inside of my webroot (htdocs) folder. The actual location is C:\xampp\htdocs\php_for_the_web\ch11_files_and_directories\register.php and the location for th
  7. I'm having a problem with the register.php file in the "Creating Directories" section to the point where I can't continue on with the chapter. I'm using xampp on windows and have PHP 5.4.7 running and I'm pretty sure that my scripts are identical to the ones in the book and after testing out the scripts, I get the exact error that is displayed on pg. 325 example A for the result if the users.txt file is not writable. It gives me the system error response every time and I'm wondering if I don't have the correct directory mapped or something, but I don't see anything after this in the book that
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