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  1. Here is line 218: public function actionRedirectSomewhere($itemId) {$this->redirect(array('items/index'));} It's the function call with the redirect statement. You were right. I was getting this error because I omitted the closing php tag at the end of the ItemsController. I was told I should do that (omitting closing php tags) but did not understand when, why and where I should omit this ?> if at all.
  2. When a user clicks a button in my application, it is supposed to reroute them to a certain page in my application, but instead I get the following error message: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/colly/public_html/myapp/ItemsController.php:218) and here is the function inside of the itemsController that generates the error: public function actionRedirectSomewhere($itemId) {$this->redirect(array('items/index'));} It still gives me the same error if I call the function without the parameter like this: actionRedirectSomewhere()
  3. Thanks, I understand now.
  4. Thanks, that answered my question. Just out of curiosity, why wouldn't I want to be that generic with my parameter names. With some other frameworks, I could just write a function with parameters without any change to a config file and they work. Why would you recommend not having that feature here?
  5. How do I do that? Is there any way to make it so that any controller action with a parameter will work with this URL format: controller/action/parameter
  6. When I create this method actionTest($parameter){ print($parameter); } inside of a controller and attempt to access it in the browser I get an error 400. How can I set up yii so that if I enter: /controller/test/text it would simply print the string 'text' on the screen instead of returning an invalid request error? I already verified that the URL is correct. If I write actionTest(){ print('text'); } and then go to /controller/test/text then it works just fine.
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