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  1. Antonio, I just don't know what to think. I definitely haven't changed anything in the structure of the database. It was all basically working -- each row was entered at the end, chronologically speaking -- until I deleted the spam rows and the spam users. Now the rows seem to be entered almost randomly. There is no apparent order at all. It does not make sense to me to start tinkering with the db structure when I have done nothing to alter that structure?
  2. Antonio, thank you again for your effort to help me. I have discovered something completely unexpected that almost certainly will shed light on this problem. The software is inserting new entries into the database but is not putting them in the last row of the database -- it is putting them in other spots, well above the last row! Just now I intentionally deleted an entry that had been made very early in my use of the program and therefore occupied the third row in the database. Then I made a brand new entry -- which was inserted into the third row! This is, as mentioned, com
  3. Here is my database structure. Does it limit the number of rows? The number of entries right now is 822. Since I deleted so many two nights ago, it could possibly have been close to 1000 - but I don't think that any limitation is listed here, is it? I don't see one but I really don't understand these things very well. (The number of users is still under 100.) I have no idea what to change! . users table: Field Type Null Default user_id smallint(5) No email varchar(40) No password varchar(40) No first_name varchar(15) No last_name varchar(30) No
  4. Antonio, thank you so much for your explanation. It does seem very plausible. Except that it does seem odd that the limit would be reached on the very same evening that I made the deletions? Well, I should definitely give your suggestion a try. I've never tried making that type of change through PhpMyAdmin so I don't feel very much confidence about it. And yet it does seem like possibly the road to a solution. Thank you again. :-)
  5. Thank you, Antonio. I can try that - I think. (if I understand your suggestion) Why would there suddenly be a problem, though?? Everything has remained exactly the same, except that I deleted some spam entries and some spam users. I don't see why the primary key size would be affected. But then there is so much that I do not understand. :-( Thank you again for your reply.
  6. A few years ago I put together a very small program using this book. The program is very simple - basically just a form where the user chooses a number from 1-10 and makes a few notes. The subject is the user's mood and what the user is doing at the time of the entry. The purpose is to discover patterns in terms of time of day or type of activity and how those might correlate to feelings of well-being or of discouragement. Last night, after a delay of months, I opened up my cPanel and PhpMyAdmin in order to do some basic housekeeping. I deleted all the spam entries and then deleted a
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