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  1. Thank you HartleySan, I appreciate the time and thought you have taken in order to put together your reply. And I can clearly reason from your code. Thank you. But more precisely my query is more specific in the case of the form Larry Ullman uses in this book - the working example doesn't show the blur / focus events in the output (when checkboxes are checked), and I wondered if there was a reason why this was? Is there a problem in his own code?
  2. This book is the best. It's cracking a few Javascript nuts for me. I have arrived fairly unscathed, at Chapter 8. My question relates to the form (figure 8.7) which helps demonstrate the use of the event object. The 'blur' event doesn't seem to do anything. I tried adding 'focus' and that didn't do anything either. I assumed a coding fault on my part and downloaded the book script and it still doesn't work. My understanding would be that clicking in an out of the textarea would be a focus/blur event, I added another input field in case, but no. Why? Thank you,
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