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  1. Hi Larry, Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated. Well my problem is now SOLVED. Thanks. I tried other chrome REST Client extension named "Postman" and was able to upload images from this client really easily. I think I was not able to use the "Advanced REST Client" to upload images but this "Postman REST Client" is really super cool and easy to use. Thanks Prasad.
  2. I am new to Yii framework and reading "The Yii book" to understand Yii. The book is really excellent and I am enjoying it. In my project I have a controller called "UserController" and also have the associated model "User" and related View files created using Gii. On the "/user/create" page I am uploading user profile picture. Its all working fine from the create page. However, when I try to upload the picture using REST Client (I am using Chrome - Advanced REST Client) the picture is unable to upload. If I upload all the other text (e.g email, firstname etc) details except the picture on
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