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  1. Thanks. On my pc, the htaccess file was in C:\UniServer\www So I guess I should copy it to C:\UniServer\www\yiibook which is where the project is? Does this mean that each project should have its own htaccess file? So if I set up a yiitest2 project, I should also copy .htacess in there?
  2. Hi Going through the Yii book, now on the section about 2Hiding the Index File" I aready had several projects in my web folder, so I put the code for the book in a folder called yiibook. So to get the index page, I navigate to http://localhost:90/yiibook/ I updated my htaccess file to RewriteRule ^(.*)$ yiibook/index.php/$1 Which I think is correct. Its not entirely clear to me what should happen. At the moment, if I type in http://localhost:90/yiibook/bob Then it looks like the index page is displayed, and I get a message stating: Error 404 Unable to resolve the request "bob". No
  3. Thats good news, thanks for letting us know. Also, hello to my fellow Irishmen!
  4. Hi Reading through the Yii book, and I came across the section about adding PHP.exe to the Path. I have installed Microsoft Webmatrix. It runs PHP on IIS. So my path already contains: C:\Program Files\iis express\PHP\v5.3 As far as I know, there would be no reason why Yii would not work with Webmatrix and IIS. But I don't to waste time finding out now! I want to use Uniform Server for working with the Yii book. It uses www for the web root framework, rather than the htdocs that XAMPP uses, but everything else should work the same. Anyway, the path there is C:\UniServer\usr\local\php\
  5. Actually, just found http://www.becomekodiak.com/ , which has "Offline PHP execution". Interesting!
  6. Very good so far. I had gone through your Introduction to the Yii framework last weekend, and I really enjoyed it. So that made me want the book. All the trains have Wifi, but only some have power sockets. So I'll have to work off the iPad sometimes. Which leads to a related question. How could I test PHP from the iPad? I could use http://codepad.org/ for running small chunks of code. But it wouldn't be suitable for testing Yii apps. There are iPad apps like Koder which let you type, publish and save PHP but not run it locally on the iPad. Koder will run Javascript though. Also, it uses a d
  7. Used iBooks in the end. It wasn't installed on my work iPad, I thought that came as standard. It lets me highlight text and take notes.
  8. Hi I've just bought the Yii book. I'm on a train, with about another hour to go, so I'd like to give it a read. It will pass the time, and I won't be disturbed! On the bad side, my laptop battery has run out and there are no power sockets. So I have to work off my iPad for now. Are any of the formats better for iPad? In particular, is there a way I can highlight text or add my own notes? Thanks Diarmuid
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