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  1. Thanks guys! I deleted everything, and re-pasted everything from scratch. To my own shock, It works fine now I spent hours trying to figure it out, haha. I had another small question related to the same code. I want to change the submit button's text, so that when It's disabled (checkbox unchecked) it says "Disabled" and when it's not disabled (checkbox checked) it says "Submit". I'm a newbie at this, but I would assume the best way to go about this would be to alter the 'toggleSubmit()' function and add 'innerHTML' to it? I'm not really sure.. HTML: <div class="one"><input type="checkbox" name="terms" id="terms" required> I agree to the terms, whatever they are.</div> <div class="one1"><input type="submit" value"Submit" id="submit" ></div> Javascript: (register.js) function toggleSubmit() { 'use strict'; var submit = U.$('submit'); if (U.$('terms').checked) { submit.disabled = false; } else { submit.disabled = true; } } window.onload = function() { 'use strict'; U.addEvent(U.$('theForm'), 'submit', validateForm); U.$('submit').disabled = true; U.addEvent(U.$('terms'), 'change', toggleSubmit); }; I hope that makes sense? This code is using utilities.js for the event listeners and variables etc. Thanks again for the prompt replies!
  2. Hi there. I'm just having some trouble with the chapter 10 forms 'putting it all together' task. I created the register.js file as guided by the book, which has validation using regular expressions. However, when I load the form in a browser, and try to create some errors by incorrectly filling it in, I just get the generic HTML5 error messages, which say "Please fill out this field". I want the form to validate dynamically using the validateForm() function inside of register.js, not the standard HTML '<required>' validation. How can I make my form use these regular expression validations to give me the 'inline' errors using <span> which the book refers to on page 415, as opposed to the HTML5 errors? My code appears to be identical to the book, so I won't put my code in here unless it's necessary? Thanks
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