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  1. Hi Thank you for your response. Brief words. Hoping this makes sense. When I installed MySQL I didn't get an option to create a user name. Just a password. When I enter the coding as you suggested and also trying to implement the example coding that appears on pages 123 and 124. I get an error indicating that I have not entered the proper command at command line. When just opening command prompt I only have an option to enter my password. May there be another way to get around this. Thank you.
  2. Re: Forums In chapter 5 I created the database sitename at MySQL command prompt. After exiting the database I would like to open it another time. When entering my password at MySQL server. I am not certain what command to type in at MySQL server command prompt to open it. . Understanding this question may be not be at the newbie. Nor beyond. If anyone could please help? Thank you very kindly. George.
  3. Re: Forum Please one word. I've downloaded MySQL server & xampp on a windows 8 computer. I am new to PHP and MySQL. Creating the first database in chapter 4. Mid way through I notice a typo and exited command prompt. When resuming back in command prompt the database was already saved and could not move forward. I would like to delete the database and try again. Can't figure how. Looking on the web. Some information takes me to database program php my admin to delete the file while other tutorials deleting through the MySQL command prompt interface. All and all this being if I am going about this right. In any regard if someone can please provide me with a tutorial to delete the saved file. Thank you George.
  4. Re: Mr. Conte Thanks for the tutorial. After reviewing your tutorial and trying to implement it in command prompt to create a user name or a password neither work. Trying this for the better part of a day below this sentence I copied and paste everything that appears in command prompt but with out the user name or password added in. If you can quickly look at it and explain where the error may lie. Lastly I tried to take a snap shot of command prompt with the coding added in but it was some what difficult to view in this window. Microsoft Windows [Version 6.2.9200] © 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\Users\George>C:\xampp\mysql\bin\mysql Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or \g. Your MySQL connection id is 16 Server version: 5.5.27 MySQL Community Server (GPL) Copyright © 2000, 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. Type '\c' to clear the current input statement. mysql> cd ../ ../Program Files/xampp/mysql/bin/mysql.exe --user=root --password= ->
  5. hello I have xampp installed windows 8 and MySQL is turned on in xampp control panel. Looking at Appendix A at the install instructions. I am attempting to start the MySQL client to create a user name and password. To start I am entering in MySQL (in lowercase letters ) into run dialog box getting this message. Windows can not find MySQL. Make sure you typed in the correct name and try again. I have tried to create a user name and password in the past unsuccessfully while putting MySQL in run program. Not sure if that has any baring in this MySQL client situation. The book goes on to say the MySQL client is accessed from the command line interface. In regards. Perhaps I am getting confused somewhere along the lines here. Also if possible one other set of questions please. Depending on my server or computer I may need to enter the full path to start the application. Using a windows computer it is c:\xampp\mysql\bin\mysql. In Appendix A to use the MySQL client I can set a password by adding the following in command prompt. SET PASS WORD FOR 'root'@' localhost' PASSWORD ('thepassword'); While creating a password by substituting the word password for a password that is in perentices. Not sure what's first. Should I type in MySQL in the command line interface and then entering the full path to the application as I have stated in paragraphs 1 and 2 . Or first create the password as noted in Appendix A such as in paragraph 3 of this post. Sorry if this is all appearing vague or confusing. But I can use some help to setting up MySQL. Which I am hoping will be the final time to post. Thank you kindly. Have a good afternoon. George.
  6. When ever a save a project in "general" I usually make a folder on desktop. For a html projects this works easy. I just go into the folder and double click on the html project an it opens in my browser. After unsuccessfully trying to open first.php. by trying the 3 URL's provided in the book. There appears to be more to it then just creating a folder to group my projects in. If you can please continue to help and shed some light more light in your response . Thank you kindly. George.
  7. Hello Sorry again for some reason the URL # 4 seems to appear this way after posting. Please remove the 3 dots that appears between U and S in users.
  8. Hello Sorry about the typo URL # 4 should read http://localhost/-<user>/first.php
  9. Hello Distinguished Author & Community I posted this thread earlier and where I could not get XAMPP to install on windows 7 computer but managed to get it installed on Windows 8. Please one other brief word. I downloaded Notepad ++ and saved a project with the .php file extension. and choose php as my language in notepad ++. I tried running fisrt.php at these URL's http://localhost/first.php. http://localhost/~<user>/first .php and lastly http://localhost/-<user>/first.php. I also tried typing each URL after selecting English at XAMP 's splash screen. My browser opens and this message appears " access denied ". Using internet explorer 10. I understand this is an advanced forum. But I would just like to understand how to view a php web site in my browser. Not sure where I am going wrong. Please any suggestions. Thank you kindly George.
  10. Hello This may be off the topic of this forum. But I downloaded xampp a couple of times. My installations failed. Switching to Wamp server. Regarding creating a user name and password. The books Appendix A instructs creating a My SQL password in xampp. Chapter 4 it says after installing My SQL a user name is created. Like to know if I need to create both a user name and password to access My SQL through wamp server. Lastly if a user name is not needed can I follow the directions to create a password as in Appendix A but using Wamp server. This may be off topic but I new to this and would just like to get wamp set for My SQL. Thank you George.
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